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Rimage Sees Strength in On-Demand Disc Printer and Duplicator Sales

September, 2011

The "disc-less" world is still a distant reality as it pertains to delivering digital content on CD and DVD disc media. There is still strong demand for disc duplication services, equipment and disc publishing applications.

Even as online applications become the mainstream method for distributing and viewing digital content, many businesses rely on CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs to supply on-demand content. Before digital distribution can completely take over the optical disc’s job, an important factor to consider is that there is a limited amount of bandwidth available for online storage. The time it takes to access, build and manage a digital collection of media can be staggering. Conversely, inserting a disc into a drive provides instantaneous content retrieval and viewing, without sluggish download speeds or other technical problems that web downloads can facilitate.

Rather than solely relying on digital libraries of content, many customers still prefer to have a disc in hand. A physical copy of content, distributed via an optical disc, allow users to maintain a sense of ownership and can also provide security against data loss and corruption. Companies around the world recognize