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Top 6 Ways to Wreck Your Thermal CD, DVD Printer

By Mike Pfannenstein

October 14th, 2010

Here are some bad situations that I have encountered with customers over the years in regards to poor usage of their disc duplicating and printing equipment. Hopefully you can learn from their mistakes.

1. Set up your Rimage Everest 600, III, or II printer in a dust filled location and on the floor. Warehouses and other dusty areas are good places to get dirt and dust build up on the fans, printhead and other electronic sensors, which will lead to premature failures and downtime. Also choose a room that has no environmental control with regards to temperature and humidity levels.

2. Instead of using genuine Rimage Everest ribbons use generic Everest printer ribbons that slowly wear-down your printhead. Printheads for the Everest III and 600 printers cost at least $1200 to replace so it will be no big deal to continually buy them. Even though a printer cleaning kit is available, not taking the time to clean your printheads every 2000 discs will also expedite the replacement process.

3. Use the cheapest CD, DVD or Blu-ray media made by a sub-standard manufacturer. Cheap discs made in China, Taiwan and India tend to stick together which will increase friction on your printhead and cause the printing process to stop. This will waste your valuable production time.

4. Never turn off your Rimage printer or publishing system when not in use. Leaving it on will hasten the need to replace expensive parts or the entire system.

5. Use sharp objects like a knife, pliers or screwdriver to try to repair your Everest or Prism printer to clear a disc jam. Ignore the fact that the Rimage thermal printhead is highly susceptible to being damaged by sharp objects and also could cause an electrical short.

6. THROW AWAY THE ORIGINAL SHIPPING CONTAINER and packing foam in case you need to send your machine in for service or repair. Any box and old newspaper will do in case you need to send it back for repair. Also make sure the shipping screw on the Everest printer is in the box somewhere. We all know how careful shipping companies or the US mail is for delivery.

If you treat your Rimage Everest printer poorly and follow the above tips, you will be lucky to get a year of disc production out of your thermal disc printer. No worries, there are many more where they came from as your budget is limitless.

About the Author

Mike Pfannenstein has been servicing and selling new and used Rimage printers and duplicators for over 10 years. He represents Techware for all service of CD and DVD duplicators and printers and as well as repair of major brands CD and DVD printers and duplicators like Rimage, Microboards, Primera and Teac. Call Mike anytime at 952.944.0083 x-13 if you have a need for anything related to disc printing or duplicating and equipment sales and repair.

NOTE: This article is meant to be a satirical look at what not to do with your Printers and Duplicators. Techware strongly advises following the correct methods of handling your equipment. EXTENDING THE LIFE OF YOUR PRINTER.

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