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Microboards CD / DVD Printer and Duplicator Interview

Steve Nelson of Techware Distribution, Inc. interviewed by The Daily at CES - Las Vegas, NV

December 28th, 2008

CES: Techware Distribution began as a reseller of Microboards CD and DVD duplication and printing equipment. How did you decide to take your business with Microboards to the next level?

SN: We realized we could expand our offering beyond sales and service. So we took the Microboards CD / DVD printers and duplicators that we sold and started delivering their end product — high-quality printed and duplicated DVDs and CDs. CD and DVD duplication was a relatively new technology when we got into the business, so CD duplicator sales cycles were long and involved. Many customers had to go through a long approval process to get a sign-off to purchase CD duplication equipment. Our customers began asking us to duplicate and print their CDs while they waited to receive their own CD duplication system.

CES: What equipment do you use to produce discs for your clients?

SN: We started out with the Microboards Print Factory (PF-1) printers in 2002. We expanded our CD / DVD Duplication services by purchasing Microboards’ CD and DVD tower duplicators. They’re the fastest in the world, and more importantly the most reliable that we have used or tested. Last year we upgraded to the Microboards Printfactory Pro (PF-Pro) CD printers. The main advantage being the larger individual C, M, Y and K ink cartridges that gives us much more efficient ink usage and speed.

CES: What kind of projects do clients request from your company?

SN: Everything from duplicating sports highlight reels to music CDs, videos, and software. We can copy and print more than 1000 discs in one hour and 15,000 in one day. Because we can duplicate CDs and DVDs at such high volumes with our Microboards equipment, customers rely on us to be able to produce training materials, presentations, and marketing videos in record time.

CES: What kind of feedback have you received from your customers?

SN: They love it. The print quality and accuracy of the disc duplication is the key. Literally, people come in and drop off their master artwork, grab a cup of coffee, and we print and copy their discs while they wait.

CES: Overall, how would you rate the Microboards equipment used at Techware?

SN: We loved the Microboards equipment from the get-go. The new PF-Pro DVD / CD printers deliver the high-quality CD printing we needed. We’re saving money on ink and improving efficiency. We were able to double our DVD printing capacity while not taking up additional space.

CES: What does the future hold for Techware?

SN: We plan on adding more Microboards printers, CD / DVD duplication towers and automated HCL-8000 DVD duplicators as demand increases. The speed, quality, and efficiency of these machines help us give our customers exactly what they want.

About Techware and Microboards

Techware Distribution, Inc. (, based in Minneapolis, lives and breathes professional CD / DVD duplication and printing services, Microboards duplication equipment sales, Rimage CD printer repair, tape drive repair services, CD printing consumables as well as website design, internet search marketing and logo and print graphic design.

Microboards Technology has been providing customers with the latest in recordable CD and DVD technology since 1989. Offering a broad selection of innovative, cutting-edge disc duplication and publishing products and solutions, Microboards is also known for superior service and technical support. Based in Chanhassen, Minnesota, Microboards has global offices in the UK and, with a manufacturing plant in Salida, California.

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