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Techware Distribution, Inc. Acquires MaxOptix Corporation from Breece Hill:

Techware to continue supplying entire line of MaxOptix optical disks and MO drives

March 10th, 2008

Techware Distribution, Inc. today announced its acquisition of MaxOptix Corporation from Breece Hill of Louisville, CO. MaxOptix is a premier manufacturer of Magneto Optical Disks (Discs) and Magneto Optical Drive storage devices. This acquisition strengthens Techware's ability to distribute MO disk media and drives in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

MINNEAPOLIS (Business Wire EON) -- Techware Distribution will continue to supply the entire line of MaxOptix 5.25" magneto optical media and 5.25" MO drives through current wholesale/dealer channels in North America, and in Europe through PDO Europe (

"Our intent is to make this transition transparent to the loyal MaxOptix customer base while improving efficiencies in logistics and customer support," said Kevin Gabrik, vice president of sales and marketing for Techware. "We look forward to rolling out new products like a portable 3.5" (90mm) 1.3gb USB pocket drive in early 2nd quarter 2008."

Magneto optical disks are extremely reliable and durable because they are unaffected by magnetic fields and highly resistant to dirt and scratches. Because of this durability, magneto optical disks continue to be popular within Medical, Financial and Government organizations. Capacities on the 5.25" discs range from 600mb up to 9.1gb, in both rewritable and WORM formats (write once read many), with the most popular MO disk capacities being 9.1gb, 2.3gb, 4.1gb, 5.2gb and 1.2gb.

About Techware

Minneapolis, Minn. based Techware Distribution, Inc ( is a leading supplier of optical disk storage - Magneto Optical Disks, CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray discs. Techware also provides MO Drive repair, Tape Drive repair, CD / DVD Printer and Duplicator repair, new and used DVD / CD Duplication and Printing equipment sales as well as CD / DVD Printing and Duplication service, supplies and packaging. Techware has strong working relationships with the following manufacturers - Philips, Sony, Taiyo Yuden, Mitsubishi, Rimage, Microboards Technology, and Primera Technology.

About MaxOptix

Louisville, Colorado based MaxOptix Corporation ( has been a manufacturer of Magneto Optical Disks and Drive storage technologies for nearly two decades. Popular products include 5.25" 2.3gb, 5.2gb, 4.1gb and 1.2gb rewritable magneto optical disks as well as 5.25" 9.1gb magneto optical drives (T7-9100).

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