SD and Micro SD card duplication

Recently an article was published which forecasted the market for SD cards to exceed $21 billion dollars by. It’s not a stretch to conclude that if only a fraction of the SD or micro SD cards will be used to store content meant for mass distribution or consumption, then the SD duplication business will be a very lucrative market in the very near future. More and more mobile devices utilize SD or micro SD cards for storage and/or playing content. Additionally, movies and video games are becoming more readily available on SD cards due to their compact size and rapidly increasing capacities.SanDisk Micro SD card

Unlike optical discs, there is only one way to copy flash cards and memory sticks… that is to duplicate it. Duplication, not replication is the way to go.

Each SD card has to be individually written to, which means that SD duplication service and the duplication equipment will be very much in demand.

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