UDO 60gb and 30gb WORM Prices to Increase

Mitsubishi, the lone manufacturer of UDO 60gb and 30gb WORM disc media, has just announced a $3.00 per disc price increase across the board on January 1st, 2012. This price increase will be across the board for all 30gb and 60gb WORM and Re-writable UDO discs.

We recommend that you place any orders for UDO products that you need soon in order to get the existing lower price.

Call us at 1-800-295-0083 with any questions that you have. Or email kevin at techwaredist dot com.

Akayna Studios launches new online store – UDOdisks.com

After weeks of image gathering and search engine optimization surrounding the new store UDOdisks.com, the new store was finally launched this summer. In using BigCommerce we have found a great foundation for a new e-commerce solution that is robust enough to handle any amount of products while giving nearly complete access to all aspects of the website and product display.

As a one stop shop for Sony MO Media and as well as other Magneto Optical Disks, UDOdisks.com provided our marketing and design team with a tool that has allowed steady growth both in sales and user traffic. BigCommerce can be a wise choice for any company wanting to launch an online store.

UDO Disk logo

E-commerce tip: Building an online store does not mean you will attract customers. There are many other marketing tools and processes required to be successful selling online. Google Adwords, article writing, blogging, traditional marketing efforts and social media are just a few things to be considered when launching any web-based project.