It is important to hire a professional web designer and developer to build your online marketing program.

Professional web developers can make all the difference. It’s fine to support your family and friends that are aspiring web designers, but not at the expense of your business’s web site.

I have run into it too many times. Companies that say their sister built my site, my secretary built it or my cousin’s, nephew’s, good friend in high school. In the end I am all for helping young developers hone their skills, but it should never be at the expense of what your business can accomplish with a strong web marketing program designed and implemented by a professional web developer.

Everyone knows Google is the number one search engine and for good reason. Google has perfected and offers comprehensive search capability that evolves, changes and grows with users habits and keyword searching trends. Google analytics can give any company keen insight into how people are coming to your site, where they are going and how long they are viewing your content. There are sophisticated ways in which to assign specific value to conversions based on what people do when they visit your site. A companies’ focus with their web site should be to receive a return on what they have invested in its development.

Some developers are simply designers that can build magnificent looking sites that use Flash animation, sound and video with awesome graphic design and wonderful backgrounds. This is great and if used properly and can be very effective in gaining the attention of potential customers. However, if used simply to be cool and flashy it can actually hurt the ability for potential customers to find and use your site to buy or contact you about what you have to offer. The whole purpose of a business web site is to generate business and inspire trust and brand recognition.

The designers that don’t pay attention to simple search engine optimization (SEO) basics are not providing your business with the best value for your hard earned advertising dollars. Your web site is on the front lines of how people look for goods and services and judge the value of what you have to offer. Google is your home page and maximizing your web development with that in mind can be the difference between a break even return or a two, three or more times return on your investment in your web site.

By hiring a knowledgable, talented and thorough minneapolis web developer you will see the difference in your traffic, usability and growth for your web presence. Have your cousin’s, nephew’s good friend from high school build a site for your family or local school group not experiment with your companies image and potential revenue generating ability.

Here’s an SEO tip: What does the title of your home page say? Does it say untitled document or have the name of your business? If you are Nike or ESPN a page title with your name is fine, but if your Bob’s Tire and Lube and that’s the title of your page, your page title is the first thing Google sees to index search terms for your web site and Bob’s Tire and Lube will most likely not be the first thing people search to find your business. Think of how you would search for the products you offer and title your home page with those terms.

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