Mass Duplicate a Master CD While Keeping the Session Open

Techware’s disc duplication division now offers the option of duplicating open session master CD-r discs that keep the target copies (duplicated CDs) open. This was a disc duplication request that we thought previously was not an option.

Microboard CD Duplicators

Kevin keeping and eye on a big Dupe Job

A new customer recently asked us to burn a very short program onto 500 black CD recordable discs. The trick is they wanted to keep the session open on all of the copies so their clients could add additional files to the disc at a later date.

This was thought to be impossible on standard CD-r discs using mass CD/DVD duplication towers or automated duplication systems made by Microboards, Primera or Rimage as the CD copies are always closed. We were able to locate some legacy 10-drive duplication towers that have the option of making exact duplicates while keeping the disc session open. Our customer just tested a handful of copies this morning and they all work perfectly for their needs.

If you have a need like this, please let our sales team know. We are excited to have this new CD duplication service available to our customers.

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