Rimage 5300n CD/DVD Equipment Sales and Support

Are you a hospital, imaging lab or print shop that has a Rimage 5300n system that is in need of repair? Or would you like a back-up system or replacement? Have you been told5300N “no” or “not possible?” Or been told you have to upgrade to a new $15,000+ system?

Techware has better options for you.

Many of you may have Rimage systems that are private labeled by 3rd party companies like GE Medical, Siemens, Philips, Pacs Gear and many others.

We have pristine 5300n systems that look like the above picture (keep in your system may have a different model name or number) that can be easily integrated or swapped into your DICOM / PACS environment.

We also have plenty of spare parts for these Rimage 5300n systems – printheads, picker mechanisms, lift motors, embedded power supplies, embedded modules, sensors and more.

Call us at 1-800-295-0083 x-13 or fill out our contact form here  – http://www.techwaredist.com/equipment/models/rimage-5300n-publisher.php

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