SEO Tip #2 – Optimize for Long-Tail Keywords

Long Tail keywords are phrases that are at least 3 words or more. Longer word phrases are not searched for nearly as much as more popular 1 or 2 word phrases, but the traffic is typically much more targeted and therefore a much better quality lead or visitor to your site.

Another bonus to longer, less popular keyword optimization is that there is less competition. That means it is much easier to achieve high rankings (page 1) on Google and Bing.

Longtail example: bicycle repair minneapolis (only 200,000 webpages) versus
Short keyword: bike repair (competing against 8,470,000 other webpages)

So what should you do?

  1. Create a page targeting the longer word phrase – (just an example).
  2. Write some good content, page titles and an H1 using phrases like “bike repair in Minneapolis” ,  “we fix bicycles Minneapolis, MN” and “Minneapolis bike repair”
  3. Update your new page with good relevant content on a regular basis

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