Techware Employees Compete in the 6th Annual US Pond Hockey Tournament

Two of Techware’s employees, Steve Nelson and Mike Stevens, completed in the 6th annual US Pond Hockey Championship against 130 teams this past weekend on Lake Nakomis – Minneapolis, MN.Temperatures the 1st two mornings were -14 degrees, but both Mike and Steve shrugged off the cold weather and put in solid performances.

Steve’s team, 10 Meter Radius, made it all the way to the Semi-finals. They had a 7-1 record and lost to the eventual champions in a very tight game Sunday afternoon. Last year they made it all the way to the Championship game.

Techware Dist Pond Hockey Team

Steve is on the bottom middle of the team photo.

Mike’s team, Team Buffet, had a hard fought 3-1 record and missed making the playoff round by just 1 goal.

Techware Dist Pond Hockey Team

Mike has on the black helmet (top row, middle)

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