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gI_88153_TW-DB-FU-CUSB-logosTechware Distribution Acquires CD and DVD Printing, Duplication and Flash Drive Printing Business from Cool International

We are excited to announce the asset acquisition of DiscBurn, Creative USB and Flash Universe from Cool International, LLC. DiscBurn’s DVD duplication and USB/flash drive operations will move into Techware’s 10,000 square foot facility in Bloomington, MN.

This acquisition opens up new opportunities for both our business and our customers.  We now have another great platform to support our custom printed disc, custom USB & flash drive duplication customers.

To learn more about and read the press release please visit:

Sawatdee To Open a Thai Restaurant in Eden Prairie

Sawatdee will be opening a new location in the southwest suburbs soon.

It looks like the new location may be in the spot that was formally occupied by D. Brian’s across the packing lot from Southwest Transit Station in EP.


This spot is a popular corner in Eden Prairie for other restaurants. Namely Chipotle, Noodles, Dickey’s, Caribou, Culvers, Santorini and Ruby Tuesday.

padthainewGreat news for lovers of Thai food. Other nearby Thai establishments are Na’s in Chanhassen, and the Bloomington location of Sawatdee.

Many of us at Techware are looking forward to the shorter drive to enjoy some #4 spice Pad Thai, Massaman Curry and fresh spring rolls on a regular basis. Visit their home page for more information. “Thai it, you’ll like it!”


Potluck Fun

Potluck Fun

On the twentieth of December in the year of two thousand and twelve we took time to celebrate the season with a wonderful potluck. While the requisite signup sheet was posted to reduce duplicate dishes, in our haste we had forgone proper planning and load balancing. Quickly our Crockpot electricity capacity was overcome and a bottleneck exposed.

Post haste our crack team of culinary engineers quickly commandeered a folding table and a power strip was added to the mix – slow cooked goodness  was back in business, baby!  Our logistical challenges overcome, mini weenies and meatballs stacked up like pins at the bowling alley, ready to be knocked down one by one with our trusty toothpicks.  Nary a bowl of chili was unturned nor a cheesy dip un-dipped.

Revelers of all ages indulged in the excess of slow cooked meats and soups- a good time was had by all.

The Compact Disc – 30 years and still going strong!

I remember my 30th birthday like it was yesterday – it was a time of reflection and celebration.  Looking back, I suspect I’d accomplished a fair bit less than the compact disc at our respective yardsticks.  Once the king of the castle, the Compact Disc has been shunned as of late for the MP3. But the Compact Disc has and continues to be a strong vehicle for delivering data and music. Sonically superior to the MP3 and infinitely more tangible, the Compact Disc has endured.

Today we celebrate it’s 30th birthday.

More information on the life of the Compact Disc can be found here.

One of our good competitors, Cycle Software is closing their doors this week.

Techware is here to help out any Cycle Software, Inc. customers with CD / DVD replication, printing, copying, packaging and USB stick duplication needs. We are located just a couple miles west of Cycle’s headquarters in Bloomington, MN

How we compare to what Cycle offers:

  • Print Services – YES
  • Packaging – YES
  • Media – YES, in bulk, authoring, mastering, etc.
  • Technology – YES, from our state-of-the-art equipment to web development and video authoring, we know the current trends
  • Assembly – YES
  • Supply Chain – YES

Techware is a trusted source in the CD and DVD printing and duplication industry. We have been in the Disc duplication business for over 17 years, and we are in good financial shape. We would like to be your new CD/DVD/Blu-ray/USB printing and replication vendor.

Take a look at our superior service and quality. Cycle, Inc. customers give us a shot – call 952-944-0083.

3rd annual MN ALS Bike Trek

Our Operations manager is again working with the folks from ALS TDI and the following is information about a great upcoming event:

Hello all,

The day is coming for the 3rd annual MN ALS Bike Trek. The bike trek is a fund raising/awareness ride for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. For those of you unknown of these disease you can find out more information here  Basically researchers haven’t found a reason why people come down with the disease. Only in a small percentage of patients have they been able to link to family history. As of now, after many years and many patients dying form the disease, there is only one drug that may help slow down the disease. Not good news with anyone living with this disease. The average patients life after diagnoses is 3-5 years.

My good friend Judy Stafne, her son has been living with this disease for about eight years now. I have a first hand knowledge on how this disease affects the patient and there family members. Let me tell you, this disease is one of the worst things I can imagine anyone having to go through (patients or family member). I will spare the details, I’m sure most of you can imagine how hard this is for here and her son (who’s younger than me). Please keep in mind there are many family’s having to go through what Judy is going through. This is why I ask you today to help me raise money to help fight this horrible disease.
All proceeds are going to ALS TDI,  the only nonprofit biotechnology organization dedicated to developing effective treatments for ALS. For the last three years I’ve worked with my friend Justin who’s father passed away a few years back from ALS, along with the people at ALS TDI to help organize the MN ALS Bike Trek. Last year we were able to get the MDA on board to help make this ride even better. All people from ALS TDI and the MDA have been wonderful to work with and passionate about finding a effective treatment. They’re dedicated to making this and all other fund raising events successful.
If you’re interested in donating you can do so here   You can support me if you want, either way if you do or don’t, donating is the most important. Or come on out and ride!

Also, if you can, pass this email along to any friends or family members.

Thank you,


This is a great cause and we are happy to lend our support.

The wonders of nature

At Techware, as part of our wellness program to develop happy healthy employees, we encourage daily nature walks in the preserve behind our corporate office. During one such walk on a brisk January day one of our employees spotted a curious bird perched on a low hanging limb. After closer inspection it was determined to be an owl and the following video was captured.

Nature at its finest and close to home

Edina fans ask, ‘Who was that masked man?’

BY JOHN SHERMAN – SUN NEWSPAPERS – Published: Friday, August 19, 2011

Remember the Lone Ranger comics and TV show from years past? The daring and resourceful masked rider of the plains dispatched old-west bad guys with his fast fists, and, if necessary, his quick pistol. There was always a moral to the story, too.

In the Edina Monday Night Rec Softball League playoffs last week, a new masked man emerged as a hero for the Techware Turbos.

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Homers boost Softball Team

Published: Wednesday, August 3, 2011 2:37 PM CDT

Pete “Sundance” Tourek, of the Techware Distribution Turbos softball team, hit three home runs July 25 to lift his team to a 14-13 victory over Mielke Building and Remodeling in the Edina Monday Doubleheader Rec Softball League. softball team member

Sam Tourek of the Techware Turbos men's slowpitch softball team digs for home in a 14-13 victory over Mielke Building and Remodeling July 25 at VanValkenburg Park. (Photo by John Sherman • Sun Newspapers)

The Techware slugger, whose efforts produced nine RBI, modestly assessed his performance after the game at VanValkenburg Park.

“It was a good night,” he said.

Techware Turbos and Mielke Builders are two perennial contenders in Monday Rec slowpitch, and some good-natured banter between them is part of the game.

“We always enjoy playing Mielke,” said Techwaredist player coach Steve Nelson. “They’re small, but they’re slow.”

“They may have beaten us tonight,” said player/manager David Mielke of the Mielke squad. “But I’m sure they haven’t forgotten the 24-4 whipping we put on them the last time.”

The Turbos have become accustomed to winning a high percentage of their games. Two years ago, they won the Monday Rec playoffs. And last year, they were runners-up.

“The team was formed in 1992,” said Nelson. “At that time, it was basically the 1991 Edina High School baseball team.”

Nelson, Kevin Gabrik and Matt Dahlien are the only original members still with the team.

The Turbos are known for their defense. Some say hitters dominate the Monday league, but if the old saying “defense wins championships” is true, it shows up in the Turbos’ record.

Third baseman Matt Svidron made a couple of impressive defensive plays to help save the win over Mielke.

Mielke was down 14-8 going into the seventh inning and gave the Turbos a scare before the game ended. Scott Bantz hit a three-run homer to cut the Turbos’ lead to 14-11, and then Rob Presthus smashed a two-run homer to make it 14-13 before a flyout ended the game.

In their other game on the 25th, the Turbos defended well all over the field and beat Mayhem 17-7. The Turbos are 15-5 this summer and took third place in regular-season play.

Champps emerged as the regular-season champion, but with the playoffs coming up, the Techwaredist Turbos are optimistic.

“We beat Champps once and lost to them once,” said Nelson. “Anything could happen if we play them again.”

Monday Rec playoffs were underway as this edition went to press. The playoffs will continue Monday, Aug. 8, at VanValkenburg Park.

Have You Heard About the ALS Bike Trek MN?

The ALS Bike Trek Minnesota is a 14, 34, or 52-mile fully supported one-day ride perfect for the entire family! We’re looking for people of all ages to join in this extraordinary event – we need YOU, your friends, your co-workers & neighbors! Don’t want to ride? Volunteer, cheer and attend the BBQ at the finish line! Our goal is to raise ALS awareness and funds to fuel research. All proceeds from this event benefit the ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI), MDA’s Augie’s Quest and the MDA’s MN Chapter.  Visit