Is your Rimage Printer “End of Life?”


Have you been told your Rimage PrismPlus printer and/or duplicator is end of life (EOL) by Rimage?

What does end of life mean?

Maybe your printer/duplicator can’t be fixed, maybe spare parts are no longer available, maybe as a cost cutting measure they’ve eliminated anyone on staff that knows how to repair your Everest printer.

One thing we know for certain –  it means Rimage would like you to throw it away and buy a brand new one from them. They all have one thing in common, every one of the aforementioned excuses steer you towards costly capitol intensive purchases buying new and often unnecessary equipment.   The cost on these Rimage Producer systems are roughly equivalent to shiny new car.

Good thing there is no EOL in the vehicle segment I guess.  We think it’s outrageous to scrap perfectly good disc producers.  That’s why we’ve worked so hard to source replacement parts and train our employees so that we can extend the life of your equipment.

If you need help, then give Techware a call to go over our cost effective Rimage repair options. We fix Everest II, Everest III, Everest 600, PrismPlus, and full systems like the 3400, 5400n, 7100n, 8100n, Amigo, 7200n and 8200n on a daily basis.


Have you have been told by the manufacturer that they want to ensure you an excellent end user experience and then deny you any help at all with your current Rimage printer? Give us a shot and call 952-944-0083 or

Our goal is to show you real customer service and savings, period. After all, these Rimage machines are designed and made to run for 10 or more years. Let us help you with that.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Primera Introduces New Bravo 4200 Series Disc Publishers

Primera has decided to go in an unorthodox direction with the new 4200 disc printer and producers lineup.  Where as the trend had been towards individual ink cartridges to save money on per print prices – Primera has decided to revisit single ink cartridges.

Bravo 4200 features the latest in inkjet printing technology from Funai Electric Company Ltd. Just one ink cartridge needs to be replaced instead of four tanks for CMYK, simplifying operation and on-going maintenance.

It’s an interesting play betting that IT admins and purchasing agents will pick simplicity over cost.  Of course we’ll keep our eyes and ears on the market and respond accordingly.

You can read more about the new printers here:

We carry printing supplies from all the major manufacturers including: Epson, Primera, Microboards, Rimage and more. Combined with A grade CD and DVD from CMC, TY and others we are proud to provide rock solid disc publishing solutions to our customers.

One thing is for sure – if you need any type of disc printer or publisher or corresponding supplies –  at and we’ve got you covered.

Current State of MO Disks – Recertified

Lets talk about the current state of Magneto Optical Disks.  The product category has seen a tumultuous couple of years and now is as good a time as any to reflect.



For the past 10+ years all Magneto Optical disks have been manufactured by two companies:  Sony & Mitsubishi Chemical (dba Verbatim).  All MO disks made and sold recently regardless of the brand have been OEM from either of those two companies.  Roughly 4-5 years ago Mitsubishi Chemical decided the market was no longer large enough to support and exited the category.  This drove up the price a bit because now Sony was the only manufacturer producing the product.   Roughly 1.5 years ago Sony announced that they too were exiting the category.  This left zero companies producing the much needed optical disks.

The supply dwindled – the price increased as available inventory dried up on a worldwide scale.  In some cases prices have increased 600% on certain capacities!!

Current Situation:

Lots of folks still rely on this media to back up and archive data in the Medical, Aviation, Telecommunication and Defense channels.  Many times they simply cannot update their systems to new archiving media.  Procuring new media for our customers that rely upon MO disks on the open market is frankly way to expensive and more often than not impossible.

With that in mind we decided to begin the process of sourcing and recertifying Magneto Optical Disks.  It makes perfect sense when you think about it.  Here is one of the most rugged, redundant forms of optical media that is capable of hundreds of thousands of read/write cycles that is honestly mostly used once and then stored for legal purposes.

How do we do it?

1.  We source disks from internal customers that have purchased disks from us or other vendors and whose data has exceeded it’s archival life.

2.  We ship/receive the parcels via certified methods with tamper resistant seals and check in each and every disk.

3.  Each disk is collected, categorized and inspected upon receipt for critical defects.

4.  Each categorized Magneto Optical Disk is then inspected by a second digital media expert with over 16 yrs experience, he removes the labels, inspects the ODSM (optical disk shutter mechanism) for functionality and cleans any ink from the disk itself.

5.  The disk is then degassed multiple times using a proprietary process that runs at the SCSI Dos level.

6.  A read/write test is performed to ensure functionality

7.  Magneto Optical Disk is inspected by the third and final person who passes the disk for final assembly.

8.  The MO Disk is packaged in a brand new cardboard sleeve and shrink wrapped.

9.  The Magneto Optical Disk has now been fully recertified and is cataloged/received into our ERP for future sales orders.


While these procedures do have costs associated with them and we are unable to provide pre-discontinued pricing, often times the prices of re-certified media are 1/2 to 1/3 of the cost of new sealed media.  They are 100% guaranteed to function the same as the new sealed stock.  We also offer a more lenient return policy on this media.

Currently we are only making this re-certfied media available to our current customers but keep your eyes peeled.  It will be making it’s debut on our website and available to the general public shortly.


Sony 2.3 re-certified MO Disk are now available for purchase on our website.

Taiyo Yuden & CMC Join Forces!

Well that didn’t take long!

We recently received the following email communication:white cd joined copy

Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd., a Japanese leading optical disc manufacturer, will license CMC Magnetics Corporation their technology knowhow, patents, Media IDs, and trademarks related with their high value-added products of CD-R, DVD-R, and DVD+R. On September 21st, 2015, the companies have signed the license agreement on this project for high-quality optical discs.

Taiyo Yuden , known as an inventor of CD-R ,is an advanced manufacturer focusing on the professional market with their high-quality and high-reliability products throughout the optical disc market.

CMC will enhance the technologies of their high-quality optical discs for professional use with Taiyo Yuden’s media IDs and the specialized technologies such as their manufacturing process and quality control knowhow, and improve the CMC’s high-quality disc products across the board featuring stable high-speed recording, high reliability, high compatibilities with optical recording drives and variety of high-quility printability . And CMC will seek the top status of the high-quality disc products with the aim of supplying high-performance and high-reliability products and the strategy in pursuit of high qualities instead of volumes.

This agreement, CMC comments, will help the company become a market leader. The CMC’s current plan is to launch the new product lines at the end of 2015. And will the strategy for the high value-added products, CMC intends to occupy the most advantageous position by further expanding the distances ahead of its competitors and winning the frontier markets.

Our understandings of the process so far:

  • CMC will be upgrading their production lines to TY specs
  • Discs will be Azo Dye and slightly thicker to accommodate TY specs
  • Production should not be affected
  • Distribution channels should not change.
  • Part Numbers may change
  • Product UID should stay the same
  • JVC branding is gone
  • Branding may include some sort of “powered by TY” type of slogan

This is great news to customers that expect the very best in  optical media.  Taiyo Yuden’s extensive knowledge of manufacturing high quality discs will be passed on to CMC in Taiwan.  Customer should experience only slight administrative pains dealing with changes in part numbers but production should be unaffected.

As always if you have any questions regarding optical media or need production help, don’t hesitate to contact us.



Ultra HD Blu-ray is coming to a home theatre near you!

Today the BDA or Blu-ray Disc Association announced the completion and release of the newest Blu-ray disc technology specs and logo.   The physical media technology will be known as Ultra HD Blu-ray. UHD_BD_LogoThe new technology will usher in an easily consumable format for content delivered to home displays that are capable of 4K resolution.


  • 4K Resolution(3840X2160)
  • Expanded color range and delivery of high dynamic range (HDR) & high frame rate content
  • Immersive object-based sound formats (next gen Dolby)
  • Digital Bridge for multi screen playback.

As always we’ll keep our eyes closely glued on these developments as the march towards higher and higher resolution footage in both the professional and consumer markets inches forward.

Streaming took an early lead but there are tangible benefits to direct digital distribution on physical media and we’ll be right here ready to deliver when you need it.

For information on how to get your next project produced with the highest quality playback and delivered to the largest audiences contact us and we’ll get you squared away.




Sometimes, in order to prepare yourself for excellence and to make sure that you’re providing customers and stakeholders with the very best, you need to recharge and rejuvenate.

Our very own Joe of all trades took a much needed and much deserved vacation post ERP software upgrade.

Rather than bore you with the details of how our new ERP is going to allow us to serve you better and more efficiently, we thought we’d share some pictures of Joe’s trip.

Fragrance Lake Trail

Mt Baker - The Ridge Trail

Lost Lake Trail

The Sound - The Ridge Trail

True Cost of Custom USB Drives

Lets talk about the true cost of custom USB drives (when sourced from outside vendors).

true cost 2 copy

Often I get contacted by customers looking for help loading data onto their customized USB. Drives that have been sourced from outside vendors. Some times they come direct, other times the customer has tried and failed at loading themselves.

Duplicating USB drives should be a fairly straight forward procedure with a simple fixed price.

Keyword being “Should”.

Here’s why it’s not.

Flash drives are not all alike.

Many unscrupulous brokers and vendors throwing around marketing terms like “Tier 1” Memory are selling substandard product. Customers bring in their flash drives sourced from others and I see issues.

Chipgenius results for bunk USB

Notice the PID = 1234?

Issues like:

  • unformatted drives
  • improperly formatted drives
  • stacked memory (two 4gb chips to make 8gb stick)
  • pre-loaded data (not new)
  • excruciatingly slow performance

Tools such as Crystal DiskMark and Chip Genius can help keep track of the worst offenders.

If a customer has already purchased the drives, often times the price they are quoted for data loading is an eye opener.

Why is Data Loading so expensive?

When we source we control for:
Quality and read/write speeds

When the above requirements aren’t managed you run the risk of:

Slowing your process
Having to spend time researching solutions
Additional manufacturing steps such as erasing and reformatting
Increased labor from package removal and disposal

In a worst case scenario you actually run the risk of burning out your USB node on your hardware. The custom USB data loading towers that we utilize are not cheap to repair or replace.

So what is the solution?

Source your drive and data load together.

For the lowest cost you’ll need to be comfortable sending your data to China. Make sure to ask your promo vendor to include the cost of data load and include freight so that you can compare apples to apples. Of course this means you have to have all your ducks in a row well ahead of your deadline as sourcing from China requires long lead times.

The better solution, the solution I am obviously in favor or is: source your drives from me. I work with suppliers both local and abroad purchasing thousands of drives every month. I know what works and what doesn’t. Plus when you add up all the costs and headaches associated with piece mailing your job together I am definitely the cheaper solution.

Retrieving Archived Data from a MO Disk

One of the most common inquiries I get regarding data recovery:

How easy is it to recover the files off of a MO Disk ?
Its sort of a tricky question to answer but here is a summary.
Whenever attempting to recall archived data there is a three pronged tactic.
Fujitsu DynaMO 1300U2 (2)

  • Replicate the software environment  – make sure you have software capable of reading the files
  • Replicate the hardware environment – make sure that you have hardware capable of reading the disks (in this case the proper size MO Drive)
  • Replicate the OS – some files written in DOS or Unix for example may not be viewable in other operating systems.

You may only need to meet only one of the above criteria or you may need to meet all three.acuson-sequoia-512-large-01

If you have more questions regarding retrieving archived data on MO Disks feel free to contact me.

**Studies written with a Acuson Sequoia that has been returned off lease is a common inquiry.

GE & Avio Combine Forces to 3D Print Jet Engines

GE has announced their use of a new form of additive 3D printing technology called EBM or Electron Beam Melting that can speed up the production time of printing metal components by as much as 10X over laser sintering technology.


As reported on their Tumblr they plan to use the technology to build turbine blades for jet engines:

As a result, one machine can produce eight stage 7 blades for the low pressure turbine that goes inside the GEnx jet engine in just 72 hours. “This is very competitive with casting, which is how we used to make them,” says Mauro Varetti, advanced manufacturing engineer at Avio.

Considering GE’s widespread manufacturing and R&D presence across multiple industries including Health Tech.  I would expect to see this tech expand very rapidly.

With the pace of technology and the speed of innovation, perhaps the Six Million Dollar man may only be a few hundred thousand by the time he shows up on the scene.

While our little Afinia 3D Printer is pretty neat and can print a decent little prototype I can’t help but want to play with the big guns like this metal additive printer.

More info


Shotgun Shell USB – Custom Logo USB drives

Shotgun Shell USB

lot of Shotgun Shell USB

One of the most exciting drives that we’ve brought to market has to be the custom promotional shotgun shell USB.

12 guage usb driveTons of folks turn to DIY sites such as Etsy or Instructables for tips on building these.  We’ve removed the mess and increased the scalability with our custom molded USB shells. Utilizing injection molding to add your logo in raised lettering we give your brand more Bang!

Lead time on these drives is around 10 business days so it’s a good idea to get the process started early.  If you’d like a free digital proof or pricing on these neat little custom USB sticks please call us today.