Surgical Masks and Disinfectant Sprayers to fight Corona

Techware Distribution is utilizing its extensive knowledge of Medical Supply Chains to bring COVID-19 fighting supplies to the medical community and general public.

Through our Maxoptix subsidiary that has been serving the medical community for over twenty years we will be distributing supplies to help fight the Corona Virus spread.  FDA and CE certified Disposable surgical masks are available for purchase at  on our COVID19 Supplies sub page.

1. Non woven face mask.
2. Low breathing resistance with high filtration efficiency.
3. 3 layers of filtration, non-allergic, non-stimulating materials.
4. Conforms to international standards: CE,FDA
5. Ethylene oxide sterilization
6. Size 17.5 x 9.5cm;
7. Sterile Packing: 20pcs/bag


We have also teamed with the worldwide  leader in Industrial Electric Sprayers to bring the powerhouse M2 Electric Sprayer from Multi-sprayer Systems, Inc to our customers. 

This powered sprayer features a 2 gallon tank perfect for industrial disinfectant tasks associated with the fight against the Corona Virus.

Techware is committed to supplying the American medical industry and other industries with protective masks, sprayers and other Covid-19 gear.