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Frustrated that your entire music CD collection is now useless due to new vehicles shipping without a CD player?

Send us your CD Collection and we can scan and convert them to digital!

How does CD Conversion work?

  1. You ship us your CD Collection.
  2. We use automated robotics to scan your CD Collection and convert to digital.
  3. We export your music onto a USB Drive and return it with your music collection.

Pump Up the Jams
in your new car
with Digital Conversion
of Your Music!

Journey back in time to the first time you listened to your favorite album with your favorite people.

Why Digitize Your audio CDs Now

Future Proof your Music Collection!

Take back ownership of your tunes!

Forget about data limits!

Listen anywhere!

Is CD Conversion a Real Business?

We know, we know…believe me, we know! It’s a weird business. We all used to make our own mixtapes and custom CD’s all the time.

Heck we might have even made some of those albums you listened to.
We remember when computers and your brand new car all had CD players and we actually owned our music too!

Unfortunately most modern vehicles and computers no longer ship with CD players and drives. That means people can’t easily rip their old collections.

We had enough customers and car dealers asking for CD conversion service that we decided to provide it.

If that’s you we’d love to hear from you. Call us at 952-944-0083 or contact us and we can discuss converting your CD collection to digital so you can enjoy those tunes and get back to rocking!


Objective – promotional or content delivery?

1.    Promotional

  • Capacity required
  • Packaging required
  • Branding/Custom Printed
  • Custom Shapes
  • Lanyards

2.    Content Delivery

  • Capacity
  • Custom printed
  • Packaging
  • Regulatory Concerns: REACH, RoHS, CE etc?
  • Speed: USB 2 vs USB 3
  • Quality – is the quality of the nand sufficient
  • Bootable or Embedded Software
  • Lifecycle – one time use or long term?

Regardless if your USB or SD card project is promotional or content delivery we can help you pick the right solution.  Our knowledge and experience will help you seamlessly deliver your project on time and under budget.

Call us today to discuss how we can help you deploy your next USB or SD card project.

Surgical Masks and Disinfectant Sprayers to fight Corona

Techware Distribution is utilizing its extensive knowledge of Medical Supply Chains to bring COVID-19 fighting supplies to the medical community and general public.

Through our Maxoptix subsidiary that has been serving the medical community for over twenty years we will be distributing supplies to help fight the Corona Virus spread.  FDA and CE certified Disposable surgical masks are available for purchase at www.Maxoptix.com  on our COVID19 Supplies sub page.

1. Non woven face mask.
2. Low breathing resistance with high filtration efficiency.
3. 3 layers of filtration, non-allergic, non-stimulating materials.
4. Conforms to international standards: CE,FDA
5. Ethylene oxide sterilization
6. Size 17.5 x 9.5cm;
7. Sterile Packing: 20pcs/bag


We have also teamed with the worldwide  leader in Industrial Electric Sprayers to bring the powerhouse M2 Electric Sprayer from Multi-sprayer Systems, Inc to our customers. 

This powered sprayer features a 2 gallon tank perfect for industrial disinfectant tasks associated with the fight against the Corona Virus.

Techware is committed to supplying the American medical industry and other industries with protective masks, sprayers and other Covid-19 gear.

Rimage Support Contracts

"You guys continue to give excellent support.”Has Rimage told you your Rimage printer or disc publisher is too old to service, or won’t put under a maintenance agreement? Techware can help. We have the expertise and agility to fix your broken 2 – 12 year old Rimage duplicator and printers.  For a full list of the legacy and more current Rimage systems we service give us a call (800) 295-0083 x-13.

We look forward to providing you with an affordable professional alternative to overpriced or inflexible manufacturer support.

Examples of services and parts we offer: Professional cleanings, firmware updates, alignment, and testing. We replace Rimage print heads, burners, grippers, sensors, main boards, power supplies, just to name a few. Advance swaps and onsite swaps are an option to for critical situations.

Keep your critical disc production infrastructure running longer with a professionally supported maintenance contract that works for your business.

Give us a call today!

(800) 295-0083 x-13

(952) 944-0083 x -13

Techware Fixes Rimage Gripper Mechanisms

Rimage System with Gripper Issue Fixed!Having issues with your Rimage Prism Autoprinter or 7100n/8100n failing to pick discs or dropping discs regularly?

Is your Rimage system’s problem getting worse? We can help.

Gripping issues can result from alignment being off with the printer or the input/output bin. The ribbon cable wearing out or being damaged can also cause issues. Ultimately the vast majority of Rimage picker issues are caused by the picking mechanism itself.

Techware specializes in repairing Rimage printers and hardware including pickers and grippers. Just recently a longtime customer sent us 5 bad grippers. We fixed all 5 and saved this customer over $2000 over the cost of new Rimage grippers ($700 each). Oftentimes grippers can be refurbished and keep right on humming along in production for years to come.  Sometimes they need to be replaced – we’ve got the experience to help you make that decision.

Rimage Gripper Parts

We can also help you out with spare CD/DVD and Blu-ray burners. Power supplies, main boards, print heads, and embedded PC modules. Almost all Rimage models ranging from the 2000i, 3400/5400n, 6100/7100n/8100n to the newer 72oon/8200n systems.

Keep your Rimage printers running longer, with less capital expenditure by calling us today.

Call (952) 944-0083 or email mike@techwaredist.com today.

Your Rimage Printer Help is Here!

Is your Rimage printer having issues? We can help!!Every day we get calls from customers looking for help with their Rimage disc publishers. Today we fielded a call from a customer with multiple Rimage thermal disc printers and duplicators that needed some attention. Their Prism Plus printers were only printing on half of the DVD surface and they needed the disc detect strip replaced.  They were also running into heat roller thermostat issues with an Everest II.  Finally their auto-loader and a 7100n CD duplicator needed a new flex cable and picker mechanism to correct disc picking issues from the input and output bins.

Mike, our dedicated Rimage service manager, listened to their needs and determined that they could benefit from some Rimage technical support,  potentially some repair services and that it might be a good idea to explore some cost effective  equipment upgrade options.

Mike has over 15 years helping our customers keep their operations up and their costs down utilizing certified pre-owned Rimage equipment. The customer was thrilled that they found an alternative Rimage system and printer support option.

Having similar Rimage issues? Give us a call and ask for Mike (952) 944-0083.

Sony 3.5” 230mb MO Discs – Brand New

3.5” 230mb MO discsJust got in about 350 new EDM-230c magneto optical discs. All brand new and factory sealed. These rewritable discs are very popular in the medical, aviation and telecom fields. Keep Techware in mind for all of your MO discs needs. Nobody stocks or sells more MO disks than Techwaredist.com

Looking for other hard to find magneto-optical media, let us know.

Call us with any questions – (952) 944-0083

Taiyo Yuden To Discontinue Manufacturing of CD / DVD Recordable Media

Tokyo, June 11, 2015 — TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD. (“the Company”) announces that it will discontinue the recording disc media business by the end of 2015. History, details we have uncovered, and a few rumors regarding the future.

Taiyo Yuden (JVC) has been the market leader for optical recording media driven by leading edge products such as CD-R, DVD-R, BD-R etc. and critical market solutions since the development of the CD-R disc in 1988. Taiyo Yuden (TY / JVC) has promoted optical recording media as one of its core businesses ever since. Despite increasingly fierce competition from less expensive overseas manufacturers in China, India and Taiwan, JVC has continued to provide the market with highest quality disc products and has received high acclaim from countless users for offering reliable Japanese made optical recording media.

TY Discontinued copyIndeed TY was the last manufacturer to produce discs in a highly developed country (United States, Japan, UK, Germany, etc) where labor rates and overhead are much higher than on mainland Asia and the India subcontinent. TY follows in the footsteps of Mitsui, Kodak, TDK and many others that had manufactured in the US and Japan, but existed in the early to mid 2000s.

Rumors are that the Taiyo Yuden and JVC brands will exist beyond 2015 with the manufacturing lines, manufacturing techniques and industry “know how” moving to China or Taiwan in some sort of partnership or asset sale. Only time will tell.

What we do know is that the Taiyo Yuden CD-r and DVD-r media will be available in the market place well into 2016. Probably the entire year as large discs distributors have already placed huge orders for product to be manufactured in November/December and delivered here in the US in Jan/Feb 2016. Most likely lasting until the end of 2016.

Let us know if you have any questions or contacts.

Techware Disc Duplication is committed to supplying our customers with high quality CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs that can be counted on for excellent playback and burning compatibility for years to come.

Recordable Blu-ray Discs Not Playable on Xbox One

Did you know that BD-R discs (recordable or duplicated Blu-ray discs) will not function in Microsoft’s Xbox One systems.

This means home movies, or duplicated BD discs can’t be played back on the Xbox one. This has been an issue since the launch of the Xbox One and has yet to be resolved.

As of today, only pressed or replicated Blu-ray discs work on the Xbox One. Replication requires a minimum order of 1000 discs per title and expensive upfront set-up charges – pretty much reserved for Hollywood movies only.


We found a few forums and blogs on the web stating Microsoft is working on this issue and will have a future update to correct this problem. We will continue to monitor this issue.

Sony’s Playstation 4 as well as the majority of Blu-ray players do play recordable Blu-ray media.

Techware distribution will continue to support BD-R duplication as well as offering all customers the option of a dual-disc recording package which features both a Blu-ray and a DVD for maximum playback compatibilities.

Contact Techware for any of your Blu-ray disc duplication needs. We regularly duplicate and professionally print BD-R projects for independent movie directors, studios, Kickstarter/Crowdfunding campaigns, and religious organizations.

Call us today for details – 1-800-294-0083

New MO Disks Are Getting Rare!

Sony is shutting down their magneto optical plant in Japan. And finding nice, new, pristine MO discs is a challenge.

Techware has many 3rd party sources for most of the popular capacities of MO media – 2.3gb r/w, 2.6gb r/w, 4.1gb rewritable, 9.1gb r/w and others. Prices have been on the rise the past 3-4 months – no doubt.

osaka-mo-mr-miyagiHere is an example of some hard to find discs – Osaka brand. Never heard of this brand before. These discs might be from the 90s? Wasn’t Mr. Miyagi from Osaka? Upon inspection these are actually Mitsubishi made discs. Great quality, and made in Japan prior to the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disasters. No radiation….

Proof that Techware is your best source for magneto optical discs. We are working hard to find product for you.

Call us or email us with any of your needs.