Survey: CDs & Radio Still Rule in the Car


Car CD PlayerA recent survey by Lpsos North America shows that in the car, Americans prefer radio to CDs or streaming services. The survey showed that in an in-car environment, 84% of Americans use AM/FM radio and 64% still use a CD player, keeping an average of 10.5 CDs in their vehicle. While consumers do seem averse to purchasing new CDs (68% say they have not purchased any new CDs in the last year), only 22% of those who aren’t buying new CDs say it’s because they are replacing the discs with digital streaming services. Most either don’t want any new CDs (27%) or find CDs to be too much money (23%).

Check out our CD, DVD and Blu-ray pricing. You would be surprised how affordable it is.

News Source: Ipsos

Still Running a CD Duplicator or DVD Printer on Windows XP?
No Problem.

Windows XP still works fine with your printer, if you know how to protect yourself.I’m writing this post to address the issue of running a piece of hardware, specifically a Rimage printer or disc publisher, that will not work with newer versions of Windows like 7 or 8. Typically these are printers like the Everest II, Everest III or PrismPlus. Or older embedded systems like 5100n, 5300n, 6100n, 7100n and 8100n.

Of course equipment manufacturers are using the end of XP support as a gold ticket to sell you new, expensive equipment. This can be frustrating and very costly if your current systems are performing just fine as-is.

Here’s how to keep using Windows XP while keeping your PC safe:

  1. Stop using Internet Explorer 8 – switch to the latest Mozilla Firefox or Chrome browser.
  2. Purchase a current Anti-Virus subscription from one of the big players – Most of these companies have guaranteed support through 2016.
  3. Stop using Outlook Express for your email.
  4. Upgrade from Office XP or Office 2003 – neither are supported anymore.
  5. Remove Insecure Software and applications like Java and Flash(if you don’t need any more).
  6. Disconnect the XP PC from your Network if you can. If not make sure your XP PC(s) do not have administrator rights. Only use a limited account for these XP systems.
  7. Run XP on a virtual machine (but, if an application needs direct access to a piece of hardware, it may not work).

Have any questions about running disc duplicators or printers on XP? Contact us at 952-944-0083 x-22. Ask for Kevin.

Sawatdee To Open a Thai Restaurant in Eden Prairie

Sawatdee will be opening a new location in the southwest suburbs soon.

It looks like the new location may be in the spot that was formally occupied by D. Brian’s across the packing lot from Southwest Transit Station in EP.


This spot is a popular corner in Eden Prairie for other restaurants. Namely Chipotle, Noodles, Dickey’s, Caribou, Culvers, Santorini and Ruby Tuesday.

padthainewGreat news for lovers of Thai food. Other nearby Thai establishments are Na’s in Chanhassen, and the Bloomington location of Sawatdee.

Many of us at Techware are looking forward to the shorter drive to enjoy some #4 spice Pad Thai, Massaman Curry and fresh spring rolls on a regular basis. Visit their home page for more information. “Thai it, you’ll like it!”


Sony AIT & MO Media Press Release

Today Sony reaffirmed their position as leaders of and dedication to the Magneto Optical and AIT data storage market.

For Immediate Release:

Sony Is Sole Supplier of Proven and Reliable Technology Solution for
Critical Business and Commercial Data Storage Applications

Read the entire release at:

Bazinga! Score One for Flip Stinksy and the Mushroomers

Nick, Jess & Ryan posing for the camera

As part of the continuous Wellness program at Techwaredist employees are encouraged to go on a hike or walk during their lunch break. A handful of folks have grabbed spring by the horns and are feasting on natures bounty.  So far “Flip Stinksy and the Mushroomers” have bagged about five pounds of delicious Morel Mushrooms on their lunch time forays.

The season isn’t over yet so lace em up and head into the woods – nature’s bounty waits for no one.

New Optical Disc Archival Format Unveiled By Sony

Photo courtesy of Sony Corporation


Ahead of IBC Sony shows a new optical disc archiving system that appears reminiscient of the ten disc changers found mostly in automotive applications. The new archive format is aimed at broadcasters and the immense amount of data that they are forced to manage in today’s HD environment.

Sony’s Disk Archive Storage System offers a lower total cost of ownership through the use of long-life media, and includes inter-generational compatibility based on the same optical disc technology used in DVDs and Blu-rays. The archive solution puts 12 media discs in a firm cartridge enabling data to be handled on a per-file basis, by making the operating device recognise the system as a “single large volume storage unit” rather than by each individual disc. The cartridges are available in both a write-once format and a rewriteable format, with various capacity options from 300GB capacity up to 1.5TB available according to the customer’s requirements.

Whenever a heavyweight like Sony shows off new technology it’s best to at least keep a keen eye on it. At Techware Dist we constantly monitor the optical archival marketplace to bring the best solutions to our customers.

To find out more about this exciting new product or read the entire press release please visit Sony Corporation’s website. To learn more about the solutions that might benefit your business please visit our website at


Edina fans ask, ‘Who was that masked man?’

BY JOHN SHERMAN – SUN NEWSPAPERS – Published: Friday, August 19, 2011

Remember the Lone Ranger comics and TV show from years past? The daring and resourceful masked rider of the plains dispatched old-west bad guys with his fast fists, and, if necessary, his quick pistol. There was always a moral to the story, too.

In the Edina Monday Night Rec Softball League playoffs last week, a new masked man emerged as a hero for the Techware Turbos.

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TechFish 2011- Another Great Fishing Tournament

Well the winners to this years TechFish Tournament were none other than Mr. Techware himself: Tom G. along with Steve and Joe. Utilizing Josephs uncanny ability to target both the Northern Pike and the Large mouth Bass, and Steve and Toms all around fishing prowess, they were able to handily defeat all comers.

The weekend was marked by many momentous occasions. Dan caught the biggest fish of the day, a formidable Grass Snake (pike) that was buried deep in the north woods cabbage. A new dive bar- The Friendly Inn was discovered and appreciated. Fireworks both legal and of the Wisconsin variety were ignited and libations and meat was consumed in various quantities and mediums.

A good time was had by all!

GE Marches Towards 500GB Optical Discs

News in the form of a press release sent out by the General touts:

… another major breakthrough in the development of next generation optical storage technology. GE’s research team has successfully demonstrated a micro-holographic material that can support data recording at the same speed as Blu-ray discs. This result builds upon the April 2009 demonstration of a threshold micro-holographic storage material that can support 500 gigabytes of storage capacity in a standard DVD-size disc.

Read more about this new technology; the full press release and how GE intends to use the technology at:

At Techwaredist we’re keeping track of all the new technologies as they emerge and are excited to offer them to our loyal customers as soon as they are commercially viable.  Thanks for stopping by and please visit this blog again for the latest breaking news and information on the optical disc market.

Good Demand, Increased Prices Make CD / DVD Recordable Discs a Sellers Market

Thanks to higher demand, profit margins for optical disc makers have increased so far in 2011. CD-R and DVD-r disc prices are expected to rise by 20% in the second half of this year, according to CMC Magnetics chairman Robert Wong, quoted in

Ritek, another major optical disc maker in Taiwan, also says that disc prices have been rising this year due to rising material prices. CD-r and DVD-r disc prices are expected to rise further in the third quarter.

Wong said that many Chinese and Taiwanese optical disc makers have been withdrawing from the business, while some Japanese (JVC / Taiyo Yuden) disc makers also stopped production after the massive earthquake in March.

CMC has raised all its disc prices by an average 30% since March.

The supply shortage of CD-R discs has pushed up prices by about 40% since early this year, the first since 2009, Wong said, pointing out that the optical-disc sector has turned into a sellers’ market, a move that will benefit CMC’s future operation. “Flooding orders are filling production lines throughout the year-end. Fourth quarter operations will turn profitable.”

This is big news for CD-r and DVD-r disc manufacturers like CMC which have posted losses the past couple of years.