Sometimes, in order to prepare yourself for excellence and to make sure that you’re providing customers and stakeholders with the very best, you need to recharge and rejuvenate.

Our very own Joe of all trades took a much needed and much deserved vacation post ERP software upgrade.

Rather than bore you with the details of how our new ERP is going to allow us to serve you better and more efficiently, we thought we’d share some pictures of Joe’s trip.

Fragrance Lake Trail

Mt Baker - The Ridge Trail

Lost Lake Trail

The Sound - The Ridge Trail

GE & Avio Combine Forces to 3D Print Jet Engines

GE has announced their use of a new form of additive 3D printing technology called EBM or Electron Beam Melting that can speed up the production time of printing metal components by as much as 10X over laser sintering technology.


As reported on their Tumblr they plan to use the technology to build turbine blades for jet engines:

As a result, one machine can produce eight stage 7 blades for the low pressure turbine that goes inside the GEnx jet engine in just 72 hours. “This is very competitive with casting, which is how we used to make them,” says Mauro Varetti, advanced manufacturing engineer at Avio.

Considering GE’s widespread manufacturing and R&D presence across multiple industries including Health Tech.  I would expect to see this tech expand very rapidly.

With the pace of technology and the speed of innovation, perhaps the Six Million Dollar man may only be a few hundred thousand by the time he shows up on the scene.

While our little Afinia 3D Printer is pretty neat and can print a decent little prototype I can’t help but want to play with the big guns like this metal additive printer.

More info


The Compact Disc – 30 years and still going strong!

I remember my 30th birthday like it was yesterday – it was a time of reflection and celebration.  Looking back, I suspect I’d accomplished a fair bit less than the compact disc at our respective yardsticks.  Once the king of the castle, the Compact Disc has been shunned as of late for the MP3. But the Compact Disc has and continues to be a strong vehicle for delivering data and music. Sonically superior to the MP3 and infinitely more tangible, the Compact Disc has endured.

Today we celebrate it’s 30th birthday.

More information on the life of the Compact Disc can be found here. – New Mode of Transportation – 1978 Motobecane Moped

Remember the days of riding or getting bucked on a moped when you were a teenager? Those days have returned for a Techware employee who recently found a gem of a deal on craigslist for a 1978 powder blue Motobecane moped.

Techwaredist newest form of transportation

We have been told it gets 135 miles/gallon!

Keep Techwaredist in mind for all of your DVD and CD duplication and printing needs.


3rd annual MN ALS Bike Trek

Our Operations manager is again working with the folks from ALS TDI and the following is information about a great upcoming event:

Hello all,

The day is coming for the 3rd annual MN ALS Bike Trek. The bike trek is a fund raising/awareness ride for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. For those of you unknown of these disease you can find out more information here  Basically researchers haven’t found a reason why people come down with the disease. Only in a small percentage of patients have they been able to link to family history. As of now, after many years and many patients dying form the disease, there is only one drug that may help slow down the disease. Not good news with anyone living with this disease. The average patients life after diagnoses is 3-5 years.

My good friend Judy Stafne, her son has been living with this disease for about eight years now. I have a first hand knowledge on how this disease affects the patient and there family members. Let me tell you, this disease is one of the worst things I can imagine anyone having to go through (patients or family member). I will spare the details, I’m sure most of you can imagine how hard this is for here and her son (who’s younger than me). Please keep in mind there are many family’s having to go through what Judy is going through. This is why I ask you today to help me raise money to help fight this horrible disease.
All proceeds are going to ALS TDI,  the only nonprofit biotechnology organization dedicated to developing effective treatments for ALS. For the last three years I’ve worked with my friend Justin who’s father passed away a few years back from ALS, along with the people at ALS TDI to help organize the MN ALS Bike Trek. Last year we were able to get the MDA on board to help make this ride even better. All people from ALS TDI and the MDA have been wonderful to work with and passionate about finding a effective treatment. They’re dedicated to making this and all other fund raising events successful.
If you’re interested in donating you can do so here   You can support me if you want, either way if you do or don’t, donating is the most important. Or come on out and ride!

Also, if you can, pass this email along to any friends or family members.

Thank you,


This is a great cause and we are happy to lend our support.

The wonders of nature

At Techware, as part of our wellness program to develop happy healthy employees, we encourage daily nature walks in the preserve behind our corporate office. During one such walk on a brisk January day one of our employees spotted a curious bird perched on a low hanging limb. After closer inspection it was determined to be an owl and the following video was captured.

Nature at its finest and close to home

New Optical Disc Archival Format Unveiled By Sony

Photo courtesy of Sony Corporation


Ahead of IBC Sony shows a new optical disc archiving system that appears reminiscient of the ten disc changers found mostly in automotive applications. The new archive format is aimed at broadcasters and the immense amount of data that they are forced to manage in today’s HD environment.

Sony’s Disk Archive Storage System offers a lower total cost of ownership through the use of long-life media, and includes inter-generational compatibility based on the same optical disc technology used in DVDs and Blu-rays. The archive solution puts 12 media discs in a firm cartridge enabling data to be handled on a per-file basis, by making the operating device recognise the system as a “single large volume storage unit” rather than by each individual disc. The cartridges are available in both a write-once format and a rewriteable format, with various capacity options from 300GB capacity up to 1.5TB available according to the customer’s requirements.

Whenever a heavyweight like Sony shows off new technology it’s best to at least keep a keen eye on it. At Techware Dist we constantly monitor the optical archival marketplace to bring the best solutions to our customers.

To find out more about this exciting new product or read the entire press release please visit Sony Corporation’s website. To learn more about the solutions that might benefit your business please visit our website at


Have You Heard About the ALS Bike Trek MN?

The ALS Bike Trek Minnesota is a 14, 34, or 52-mile fully supported one-day ride perfect for the entire family! We’re looking for people of all ages to join in this extraordinary event – we need YOU, your friends, your co-workers & neighbors! Don’t want to ride? Volunteer, cheer and attend the BBQ at the finish line! Our goal is to raise ALS awareness and funds to fuel research. All proceeds from this event benefit the ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI), MDA’s Augie’s Quest and the MDA’s MN Chapter.  Visit

Techware Dist Profiles – Jessica

When Jessica isn’t busy making sure that all of our customers are taken care of she helps out with  local deliverys!

Thought we’d share this post to let you know that here in the great north, even though spring blossoms should be near – we still have snow on the ground.  Ahhh the joys of Minnesota winters.

Sony Corporation’s Magneto Optical Disk and Optical Media stock

Due to recent disruptions to our global supply chain, product availability on certain segments may be adversely affected.  Please be advised that Sony Corporation’s Magneto Optical Disk and Optical Media stock may be diminished resulting in delays and pricing variability.

We are in communication with our suppliers and friends in Japan and will continue to apprise our customers as details become available. Please contact techware dist for up to date information regarding shipping time tables, product pricing and availability on all time critical purchases and shipments.

If you would like to help click on the Red Cross logo to visit their site.

American Red Cross