New Optical Disc Archival Format Unveiled By Sony

Photo courtesy of Sony Corporation


Ahead of IBC Sony shows a new optical disc archiving system that appears reminiscient of the ten disc changers found mostly in automotive applications. The new archive format is aimed at broadcasters and the immense amount of data that they are forced to manage in today’s HD environment.

Sony’s Disk Archive Storage System offers a lower total cost of ownership through the use of long-life media, and includes inter-generational compatibility based on the same optical disc technology used in DVDs and Blu-rays. The archive solution puts 12 media discs in a firm cartridge enabling data to be handled on a per-file basis, by making the operating device recognise the system as a “single large volume storage unit” rather than by each individual disc. The cartridges are available in both a write-once format and a rewriteable format, with various capacity options from 300GB capacity up to 1.5TB available according to the customer’s requirements.

Whenever a heavyweight like Sony shows off new technology it’s best to at least keep a keen eye on it. At Techware Dist we constantly monitor the optical archival marketplace to bring the best solutions to our customers.

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