Techware Duplication Room Featured Prominently in New Vinpower Spot!

Untitled-2 copyIn “You can’t make this stuff up!” news we received an interesting marketing communication via email this morning. Now it wasn’t the copy in the subject that caught our eye, it wasn’t even the message in the body of the email.

Something made us double take – something looked familiar???

Oh yeah that’s what it is, the image used. You see that is our dupe room, we understand their wanting to highlight it – I mean it is impressive after all. The strange thing is, we don’t ever remember that particular technician operating our Microboards duplication towers.

So off I went to our graphic designers for answers.  They informed me that through some magical high tech program called Photoshop (magic as of yet unconfirmed) one could remove our beloved Kevin and replace him with some two bit imposter.

Don’t be fooled by imposters, if you want high quality & high capacity CD or DVD duplication contact us directly at 952-944-0083.

Or you could always contact Vinpower to see if they can “schedule” some time in our facility to complete your job (*don’t really do that).

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