Is your Rimage Printer “End of Life?”


Have you been told your Rimage PrismPlus printer and/or duplicator is end of life (EOL) by Rimage?

What does end of life mean?

Maybe your printer/duplicator can’t be fixed, maybe spare parts are no longer available, maybe as a cost cutting measure they’ve eliminated anyone on staff that knows how to repair your Everest printer.

One thing we know for certain –  it means Rimage would like you to throw it away and buy a brand new one from them. They all have one thing in common, every one of the aforementioned excuses steer you towards costly capitol intensive purchases buying new and often unnecessary equipment.   The cost on these Rimage Producer systems are roughly equivalent to shiny new car.

Good thing there is no EOL in the vehicle segment I guess.  We think it’s outrageous to scrap perfectly good disc producers.  That’s why we’ve worked so hard to source replacement parts and train our employees so that we can extend the life of your equipment.

If you need help, then give Techware a call to go over our cost effective Rimage repair options. We fix Everest II, Everest III, Everest 600, PrismPlus, and full systems like the 3400, 5400n, 7100n, 8100n, Amigo, 7200n and 8200n on a daily basis.


Have you have been told by the manufacturer that they want to ensure you an excellent end user experience and then deny you any help at all with your current Rimage printer? Give us a shot and call 952-944-0083 or

Our goal is to show you real customer service and savings, period. After all, these Rimage machines are designed and made to run for 10 or more years. Let us help you with that.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Techware Fixes Rimage Gripper Mechanisms

Rimage System with Gripper Issue Fixed!Having issues with your Rimage Prism Autoprinter or 7100n/8100n failing to pick discs or dropping discs regularly?

Is your Rimage system’s problem getting worse? We can help.

Gripping issues can result from alignment being off with the printer or the input/output bin. The ribbon cable wearing out or being damaged can also cause issues. Ultimately the vast majority of Rimage picker issues are caused by the picking mechanism itself.

Techware specializes in repairing Rimage printers and hardware including pickers and grippers. Just recently a longtime customer sent us 5 bad grippers. We fixed all 5 and saved this customer over $2000 over the cost of new Rimage grippers ($700 each). Oftentimes grippers can be refurbished and keep right on humming along in production for years to come.  Sometimes they need to be replaced – we’ve got the experience to help you make that decision.

Rimage Gripper Parts

We can also help you out with spare CD/DVD and Blu-ray burners. Power supplies, main boards, print heads, and embedded PC modules. Almost all Rimage models ranging from the 2000i, 3400/5400n, 6100/7100n/8100n to the newer 72oon/8200n systems.

Keep your Rimage printers running longer, with less capital expenditure by calling us today.

Call (952) 944-0083 or email today.

Your Rimage Printer Help is Here!

Is your Rimage printer having issues? We can help!!Every day we get calls from customers looking for help with their Rimage disc publishers. Today we fielded a call from a customer with multiple Rimage thermal disc printers and duplicators that needed some attention. Their Prism Plus printers were only printing on half of the DVD surface and they needed the disc detect strip replaced.  They were also running into heat roller thermostat issues with an Everest II.  Finally their auto-loader and a 7100n CD duplicator needed a new flex cable and picker mechanism to correct disc picking issues from the input and output bins.

Mike, our dedicated Rimage service manager, listened to their needs and determined that they could benefit from some Rimage technical support,  potentially some repair services and that it might be a good idea to explore some cost effective  equipment upgrade options.

Mike has over 15 years helping our customers keep their operations up and their costs down utilizing certified pre-owned Rimage equipment. The customer was thrilled that they found an alternative Rimage system and printer support option.

Having similar Rimage issues? Give us a call and ask for Mike (952) 944-0083.

Rimage 5300n Disc Duplicator and Everest III Printer Repair

We just completed a repair of a Rimage Professional Series 5300n disc publisher and Everest 3 thermal printer for a local customer. The unit was dropped off yesterday morning and we completed the service today. Our turnaround times are fast, but can vary based on demand.

These 5300n machines are 5 to 8 years old now, but still very solid equipment for making CDs and DVDs.

Typical repairs for the 5300n consist of:

  • Thorough Cleaning
  • CD/DVD Drive Replacement
  • New HDD set
  • Picker adjustment/replacement
  • Front Panel replacement
  • Everest III or 600 printer updates and cleaning

We turned this repair in just 36 hours and the customer is picking up their Rimage duplicator today.

Call us @ (952) 944-0083 x13 if you need help with your Rimage 5100n or 5300n. We have tons of spare parts. If you plan on shipping a Rimage duplicator or printer into Techware for repair please use the original Rimage shipping boxes and inner packing foam.

Keep in mind Rimage moved to California and that Rimage no longer supports the 5300n or Everest III printers. We do, and we are far easier and more enjoyable to work with.

Primera Introduces New Bravo 4200 Series Disc Publishers

Primera has decided to go in an unorthodox direction with the new 4200 disc printer and producers lineup.  Where as the trend had been towards individual ink cartridges to save money on per print prices – Primera has decided to revisit single ink cartridges.

Bravo 4200 features the latest in inkjet printing technology from Funai Electric Company Ltd. Just one ink cartridge needs to be replaced instead of four tanks for CMYK, simplifying operation and on-going maintenance.

It’s an interesting play betting that IT admins and purchasing agents will pick simplicity over cost.  Of course we’ll keep our eyes and ears on the market and respond accordingly.

You can read more about the new printers here:

We carry printing supplies from all the major manufacturers including: Epson, Primera, Microboards, Rimage and more. Combined with A grade CD and DVD from CMC, TY and others we are proud to provide rock solid disc publishing solutions to our customers.

One thing is for sure – if you need any type of disc printer or publisher or corresponding supplies –  at and we’ve got you covered.

Techware Duplication Room Featured Prominently in New Vinpower Spot!

Untitled-2 copyIn “You can’t make this stuff up!” news we received an interesting marketing communication via email this morning. Now it wasn’t the copy in the subject that caught our eye, it wasn’t even the message in the body of the email.

Something made us double take – something looked familiar???

Oh yeah that’s what it is, the image used. You see that is our dupe room, we understand their wanting to highlight it – I mean it is impressive after all. The strange thing is, we don’t ever remember that particular technician operating our Microboards duplication towers.

So off I went to our graphic designers for answers.  They informed me that through some magical high tech program called Photoshop (magic as of yet unconfirmed) one could remove our beloved Kevin and replace him with some two bit imposter.

Don’t be fooled by imposters, if you want high quality & high capacity CD or DVD duplication contact us directly at 952-944-0083.

Or you could always contact Vinpower to see if they can “schedule” some time in our facility to complete your job (*don’t really do that).

Rimage is now Qumu

rimage now qumu copySignaling their commitment to the growth and future viability of the online video market Rimage today announced the change of name.

Minneapolis, MN – June 17, 2013 – Rimage Corporation (NASDAQ: RIMG), the leader in secure multimedia content management and delivery solutions, today announced that it will change its name to Qumu Corporation. The change will take effect in the third quarter of 2013.

The name change reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to the growing multi-billion dollar market for enterprise video and rich content.


Rimage or rather Qumu will continue to offer its award winning line up of CD/DVD/BluRay publishers under the Rimage name.  The name change will take effect in Q3 2013.

For more information and up to date news on the state of the disc publishing market please bookmark our site or stop back often.

To learn more or purchase a Rimage CD or DVD Publisher.

Mass Duplicate a Master CD While Keeping the Session Open

Techware’s disc duplication division now offers the option of duplicating open session master CD-r discs that keep the target copies (duplicated CDs) open. This was a disc duplication request that we thought previously was not an option.

Microboard CD Duplicators

Kevin keeping and eye on a big Dupe Job

A new customer recently asked us to burn a very short program onto 500 black CD recordable discs. The trick is they wanted to keep the session open on all of the copies so their clients could add additional files to the disc at a later date.

This was thought to be impossible on standard CD-r discs using mass CD/DVD duplication towers or automated duplication systems made by Microboards, Primera or Rimage as the CD copies are always closed. We were able to locate some legacy 10-drive duplication towers that have the option of making exact duplicates while keeping the disc session open. Our customer just tested a handful of copies this morning and they all work perfectly for their needs.

If you have a need like this, please let our sales team know. We are excited to have this new CD duplication service available to our customers.

Rimage 8100n – New Copy Disc Station(TM)

Rimage, the industry-leading provider of on-demand CD / DVD / Blu-ray disc duplicating and printing systems, has recently introduced the Rimage 8100N Disc Copy Station(TM). The new 8100n is designed to copy CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs with the ease of a paper copier. The new 8100N Disc Copy Station follows the release of the smaller Rimage 5400N Disc Copy Station in Q4 2010. The much larger 8100N Disc has the same core capabilities of the 5400N system, but adds more robust capacity for higher production capabilities (300-disc capacity vs. 100-disc). The 8100n also has faster and more robust robotics which increases the amount of CDs and DVDs that can be produced per hour, per day, etc. Rimage 8100n

The version 2.0 release has some new features – bulk copy mode, improved photo and image quality,watermarking, and adjustable angle touch screen. As CD, DVD, and high capacity BD discs continue to replace paper documents, organizations need copies of the original discs for archiving and distribution. How it works differently than a standard Rimage 8100n system? The newer Disc Copy Station(TM) takes a photograph of the artwork label on the top of the original disc, then reads the contents on the original disc, records the exact contents onto a new blank disc and then prints the photo of the original disc artwork on top of the new disc. Of course you can make as many working copies (1 or 5000) of the original as you need, all in one
easy step. This new fully automatic feature eliminates the time consuming needs of locating the disc contents and creating, or handwriting the label onto your disc copies. Fast, easy and professional looking discs.

Key market niches for the 8100n and 5400n copy stations: education, training, video work flows, retail, medical and law enforcement.

Contact Techware Distribution if you have interest in any new, used, or rental Rimage printers or disc duplicators.