Damaged Rimage Prism Printheads

Take a look at the picture of this damaged and now unusable Rimage Prism print head. Notice the damage to the gold colored area of this particular printhead. This damaged occurred when 2 or more silver lacquer discs stuck together when picked from the output bin of the Rimage robot. One of the CDs ended up getting wedged in the printhead causing the printhead to fail and the ensuing damage.

prism printhead - damagedAll Rimage printers are designed so only 1 disc is to be loaded into the printer at a time. When multiple discs are placed on the printer tray, damage is a real possibility. No Bueno.

Prism printheads cost over $600 just for the part (labor is additional). A very expensive price to pay for using cheaper and lesser quality CD-r and DVD-r disc media.

Call Techware @ 952-944-0083 x13 if you have experienced these types of problems as we can help you out with all of your cd/dvd printer and duplicator repair needs – specifically w/ Primera, Microboards and Rimage equipment.

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