Professional CD Printing Pro Tip #1 Video

As spring begins to bloom, the temperatures in the upper midwest finally begin to climb.  Unfortunately here in Minnesota with those welcomed higher temps come unwanted humidity and it’s associated moisture.

This humidity can make CD and DVD packed on spindles or stacked in carousels stick together.  We call this “Sticky Media”.  Sticky Media can wreak havoc on your production runs by sticking together in your printers carousel.   When the autoloader or picking mechanism attempts to grab just one disc to load onto the printer tray a tagalong or “sticker” comes along for the ride jamming up your printer and potentially ruining your printhead.

At Techware Dist we’ve found one little step that can cut down on the frustrations that sticky media can create.

So feel free to watch the video and keep your eyes peeled for future Pro Tips to speed up your duplication and printing and decrease the frustration factor.

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