Rimage 8100n – New Copy Disc Station(TM)

Rimage, the industry-leading provider of on-demand CD / DVD / Blu-ray disc duplicating and printing systems, has recently introduced the Rimage 8100N Disc Copy Station(TM). The new 8100n is designed to copy CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs with the ease of a paper copier. The new 8100N Disc Copy Station follows the release of the smaller Rimage 5400N Disc Copy Station in Q4 2010. The much larger 8100N Disc has the same core capabilities of the 5400N system, but adds more robust capacity for higher production capabilities (300-disc capacity vs. 100-disc). The 8100n also has faster and more robust robotics which increases the amount of CDs and DVDs that can be produced per hour, per day, etc. Rimage 8100n

The version 2.0 release has some new features – bulk copy mode, improved photo and image quality,watermarking, and adjustable angle touch screen. As CD, DVD, and high capacity BD discs continue to replace paper documents, organizations need copies of the original discs for archiving and distribution. How it works differently than a standard Rimage 8100n system? The newer Disc Copy Station(TM) takes a photograph of the artwork label on the top of the original disc, then reads the contents on the original disc, records the exact contents onto a new blank disc and then prints the photo of the original disc artwork on top of the new disc. Of course you can make as many working copies (1 or 5000) of the original as you need, all in one
easy step. This new fully automatic feature eliminates the time consuming needs of locating the disc contents and creating, or handwriting the label onto your disc copies. Fast, easy and professional looking discs.

Key market niches for the 8100n and 5400n copy stations: education, training, video work flows, retail, medical and law enforcement.

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