SEO Tip#3 – Good Keyword Research

Optimizing your website for good, relevant keywords is probably the number one key to successful search engine optimization for Google and Bing.

  • Use a great free tool like Google’s Keyword tool
  • Start with phrases you think your customers will type into the search engines
  • Target long-tail words (3 to 5 word phrases) as they are less competitive
  • If you have mostly local customers, target phrases with your city or state name included in the phrase

Once you have a strong list of the keywords and phrases you want to target, then write high-quality pages within your site that have your phrases naturally sprinkled into the copy. Work in your keywords where it makes sense, but not excessively (keyword stuffing could get you penalized by Google and it sounds awful to your potential customers).

Try and target 2 similar keywords per page. Typically going for more that 2 per page within your site will not work.

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