SEO Tip#4 – Don’t Neglect Your Interior Web Pages for Higher SERP Rankings

Many site owners believe that they only need to optimize their home page for the search engines. Where they fail is not concentrating on the more numerous internal website pages.

Search engines, their search bots and spiders, no longer index and read the home page more often or thoroughly than the deeper internal pages on your site. It is possible, and in some cases very easy, to have internal pages out-rank your home page for important keyword phrases.

So what should you do?

Start by identifying the pages on your site that deal with your most important products, services or themes.

  1. Add your most important keyword phrase to the end of your url. The keyword phrase we are targeting is bolded. Example –
  2. Each page should have an unique and descriptive page titles that feature your most important keywords and keyword rich phrases.
  3. Each page must have solid keyword rich H1 tags
  4. Write great, original content on each page that deals with the appropriate topic, product or service you are focusing on.
  5. Update your content on a regular basis. Make sure the updates are fresh and valuable for your prospective customers or audience.
  6. Add a short 20-40 second video discussing valuable ideas, demonstrations or lessons on each of these interior pages.

Need help getting started? Simply contact Drew at 952.944.0083 or email: drew at to get your interior web pages ranked higher on Google and Bing.

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