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Custom Barcode Disc Printing

Perfect for Testing / Training Discs That Need Tracking

We specialize in DVD and CD barcode printing, custom disk jobs, and multiple disc sets with extremely fast and accurate turnaround. A bar code, also known as a UPC (Universal Product Code), is a unique 12-digit number that allows for easy inventory tracking for retailers. Once you order a bar code, a unique number will be generated along with the artwork that will be used for your disc. We can issue the graphic for you to place in your artwork or incorporate into the packaging prior to production.

barcode for cd and dvd retail ready discs

The process

If you have a product that is to be sold at a retail level. Bar codes can help streamline the selling process and offer the ability for a greater reach in terms of outlets. The retailer will manually enter the information into their inventory management system. When they scan your bar code at the register, it calls up that form in their system and gives you credit for the sale. This process ensures consistant pricing whereever your product is sold.

Read Techware's policy regarding the content on your disc or USB master.