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Holographic security labels, tabs and stickers

A hologram, like a photograph, is a record of light reflected from an object. But unlike a photograph, that light is not focused through a lens. Instead, lasers etch a pattern of light waves that is accurate to microscopic detail. The depth and pure spectral colors in a hologram cannot be duplicated in printing or photography.

Examples of our labels, choose standard or tamper resistant:

S.V.A.G. Round

Tamper Evident Label

This larger circular label is ideal for securing paper sleeves, mailers or other marketing material. Add some importance to the aesthetic of your next product or marketing cd.

PRICE/Roll of 1000: 77.50

S.V.A.G. Rectangle Tinted

0.5" x 1.5"

Ensure your RMA's have been returned to you without being tampered with or damaged by the customer. This "Tamper Evident" label leaves behind part of the holographic label when peeled off the product.

Tamper Evident Label PRICE/Roll of 1000: 87.50

Guaranteed Genuine

0.5" x 1.5"

Reassure your customers that your product is the real deal with this "Guaranteed Genuine" holographic label.

Standard Label PRICE/Roll of 1000: 77.50

USA Flag "USA Made"

1" x 1.125"

Proudly display that your product is made right here in the United States of America, in an eye-catching way nonetheless.

Standard Label PRICE/Roll of 1000: 77.50

Additional styles and custom printed labels

We have a multitude of additional stock labels available upon request.

We have many more stock designs to choose from.

We can also add a custom overprint on these labels with your text. Add $50 for all colors; for black add an additional $15. All artwork must be submitted in vector format to be accepted. Artwork can be rejected at any time for any reason based on printing process.

Note: Image color and reflection of holograms will change based on lighting conditions when being viewed.
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