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DVD Video Protection

Stop pirates cold from stealing your data or creative work.

barcode for cd and dvd retail ready discsOur software wraps the video on the DVD in a protective file that doesn’t interfere with playback, but prevents common ripping software programs from accessing the video. The protection does not rely on scenarios like adding bad sectors and pointers or requiring a software key on a PC.

Formats supported:

Video on DVD only

Media supported:


The strength of our process:

Our process has been tested and verified by expert independant testing companies. We provide reliable levels of protection against copying and ripping. Our software has been tested for playback compatibility and is found to work with 99.88% of the U.S. install base of DVD players.

How to add this protection for your work:

Simply add .25 per disc to your DVD video project. For discs under 500 we add a $35 set-up fee.

Read Techware's policy regarding the content on your disc or USB master.
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