Fast CD Printer Repair

We have an interesting disc printer repair story to share with you this week. Yesterday, a longtime customer stopped in our office with an older PrismPlus printer that was in need of repair. The customer needed the printer back ASAP as he had numerous CD and DVD projects that he needed to complete this week.Rimage PrismPlus printer

 The Issue:

The Prism DVD printer was intermittently failing to print the bottom part of the disc. Essentially the printer stopped working about 1/3 of the way onto the disc.


10:15am – Printer is dropped off and checked in at Techware
10:45am – Our tech started work
11:30am – The printer was cleaned (needed badly), firmware was updated, and we replaced the disc detect strip
1:30pm – 250 test discs were printed using our test Rimage AutoPrinter II – all looked good
2:30pm – Our customer had the printer back at his shop up and printing discs perfectly

Now this repair story is a best case scenario, but it does happen this smoothly and quickly often. This is the kind of outstanding service that your get by being a Techware Distribution customer. It is what we strive for here at Techware.

Consider Techware for all of your disc printing, replication and duplication needs.

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