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We can ship Your MO Disks Today – Guaranteed!

You know MO discs are getting harder to find. Don’t fret, we have them here in our Minneapolis warehouse. Specific brands are an issue. Not all brands are available for all capacities. Be flexiable with accepting Sony, HP, Maxoptix, Plasmon, Philips, Maxell, Mitsubishi, etc. Bottom line is we have these discs in stock. Most online shops do not. Period. Don’t waste your time w/ other dealers. For up to the minute availability, call or email Ryan – 952-944-0083 x-18 or

3.5" media

Very hard to find 3.5” 640mb, 540mb, 230mb and 128mb MO discs for medical ultrasound, telecommunications, and aerospace applications. Also 1.3gb and 2.3gb Gigamo discs available. Stock is limited, but available.

5.25" Media

Buy from the only dealer in the country that stocks all capacities of rewritable 5.25” MO media. The biggest industry user of this product today is the Medical Imaging field – MRI, CT, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine departments.

Popular WORM optical disks: 5.25" 5.2gb, 2.6gb and 9.1gb

The global supply will be greatly diminished going forward.
Please call us with questions regarding availability - 1-800-295-0083.

We buy nearly any brand of MO disks as long as they are new or factory sealed. LEARN MORE

Popular part numbers we may have in stock

If you don't see a specific P/N, contact Mike or Ryan.

  • Philips 61PDO
  • Philips 62PDO
  • Philips 71PDO
  • Philips 72PDO
  • Philips 81PDO
  • Philips 82PDO
  • Philips 83PDO
  • Philips 86PDO
  • Medical Grade T1200RW
  • Medical Grade T2300RW
  • Medical Grade T2600RW
  • Medical Grade T4100RW
  • Medical Grade T4800RW
  • Medical Grade T5200RW
  • Medical Grade T9100RW
  • Maxoptix 3015383RW
  • Maxoptix 3015385RW
  • Maxoptix 2005762RW
  • Maxoptix 2005760RW
  • Maxoptix 2015383RW
  • Maxoptix 2015385RW
  • Maxoptix M1200RW
  • Maxoptix M1300RW
  • Maxoptix M2300RW
  • Maxoptix M4100RW
  • Maxoptix M5200RW

Don't see what you are looking for? Just give us a call to see if we can find it. We have been selling Magneto Optical disks and drives for as long as the media and technology has been on the market.

Fujitsu DynaMO 3.5 inch Drive
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IO Data 1.3gb 3.5 inch Drive