10 Tips for a Quick & Successful DVD Duplicator or Printer Repair


  1. Use original manufacturer boxes and inner packaging foam
  2. No peanuts, no newspaper, no confetti, no cereal boxes, etc
  3. If original box is gone, double or triple box your Rimage system
  4. If sending in an external PC, or embedded PC unit – remove password(s)
  5. Get a repair number – http://www.techwaredist.com/repair/printer-duplicator-repair.php
  6. Give a full and honest description of the printer and/or duplicator issue(s)
  7. Send in your Primera, Rimage or Microboards ink or ribbons in a tight, zip-locked bag*
  8. Send in 25+ of your CDs, DVDs or BD discs to better replicate your conditions/issues
  9. Check your email regularly for updates/questions from us regarding your disc equipment
  10. Have questions, Call us – (952) 944-0083 x-13

 *failure to send in ribbons and/or ink will result in an additional charge

Keep these tips in mind and always call or email us with any and all questions.

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