Packing Your Rimage Prism Auto-Printer Correctly

Poor Everest Autoloader Packing JobHere is a picture of a bad packing job on a PrismPlus Autoloader that was recently sent into us for repair. The sad thing is it was done at a UPS store. Notice how the robotic arm is twisted and dented. Tough lesson learned. I doubt that a damage insurance claim will go in our customer’s favor given the negligence in packing materials used.

Tips for a successful Rimage shipping result:

  1. Use the original Rimage shipping box and foam. Do not throw the box away.
  2. If you do not have the original box, call us to buy the correct packaging. If you don’t have time, start with a double walled box that is large enough for the Rimage unit and inner packing foam.
  3. Use snug fitting inner packing foam – no peanuts, no shredded newspaper or confetti, no thin bubble wrap, etc.
  4. Need help, or have any questions? Call us first before shipping – 952-944-0083

Keep in mind that using any other packaging but the actual Rimage boxes and packing foam is risky.

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