Is your Rimage Printer “End of Life?”


Have you been told your Rimage PrismPlus printer and/or duplicator is end of life (EOL) by Rimage?

What does end of life mean?

Maybe your printer/duplicator can’t be fixed, maybe spare parts are no longer available, maybe as a cost cutting measure they’ve eliminated anyone on staff that knows how to repair your Everest printer.

One thing we know for certain –  it means Rimage would like you to throw it away and buy a brand new one from them. They all have one thing in common, every one of the aforementioned excuses steer you towards costly capitol intensive purchases buying new and often unnecessary equipment.   The cost on these Rimage Producer systems are roughly equivalent to shiny new car.

Good thing there is no EOL in the vehicle segment I guess.  We think it’s outrageous to scrap perfectly good disc producers.  That’s why we’ve worked so hard to source replacement parts and train our employees so that we can extend the life of your equipment.

If you need help, then give Techware a call to go over our cost effective Rimage repair options. We fix Everest II, Everest III, Everest 600, PrismPlus, and full systems like the 3400, 5400n, 7100n, 8100n, Amigo, 7200n and 8200n on a daily basis.


Have you have been told by the manufacturer that they want to ensure you an excellent end user experience and then deny you any help at all with your current Rimage printer? Give us a shot and call 952-944-0083 or

Our goal is to show you real customer service and savings, period. After all, these Rimage machines are designed and made to run for 10 or more years. Let us help you with that.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Packing Your Rimage Prism Auto-Printer Correctly

Poor Everest Autoloader Packing JobHere is a picture of a bad packing job on a PrismPlus Autoloader that was recently sent into us for repair. The sad thing is it was done at a UPS store. Notice how the robotic arm is twisted and dented. Tough lesson learned. I doubt that a damage insurance claim will go in our customer’s favor given the negligence in packing materials used.

Tips for a successful Rimage shipping result:

  1. Use the original Rimage shipping box and foam. Do not throw the box away.
  2. If you do not have the original box, call us to buy the correct packaging. If you don’t have time, start with a double walled box that is large enough for the Rimage unit and inner packing foam.
  3. Use snug fitting inner packing foam – no peanuts, no shredded newspaper or confetti, no thin bubble wrap, etc.
  4. Need help, or have any questions? Call us first before shipping – 952-944-0083

Keep in mind that using any other packaging but the actual Rimage boxes and packing foam is risky.

How to Pack an Everest Thermal Printer for Safe Shipping

Here are some tips and a step-by-step video on how to properly pack a Rimage Everest thermal printer for shipping.

The highlights are:
• Power down the printer for 30-45 minutes
• Remove the ribbons from the printer
• Move the shipping screw into the “shipping” position
• Insert the internal printer packing materials
• Use the original box and packing foam
• Insure the package for replacement value ($1500-$5000 depending on the model)

We will be posting a similar video for cleaning and properly packing an inkjet CD printer shortly. We will also post a video on how to pack up a Rimage Prism / PrismPlus printer as well.

Please contact us with any of your inkjet or thermal disc printer or printing needs – supplies, repair, rental, new and used duplicator / printer sales, etc.

Contact – Mike at or 952-944-0083 x-13

Rimage Auto-Everest 3 Printers for $4950

That is right. For a limited time Rimage is offering their tried and true Everest III Auto-Printer for $5000 off the MSRP of $9950. The price of $4950 is good while supplies last.

Techware has used, sold, rented and serviced Rimage Auto Everest 3 printers for over 10 years. Nobody has printed more discs on Rimage equipment, and has more experience with Rimage thermal printers than Take advantage of our knowledge.

We are here to help you with all your disc printing, duplicating, replication and packaging needs. Call us today at 1-800-295-0083, local at 952-944-0083, or email at info at