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Tips on successful packaging for shipping and repair

Summary of steps from video:
  1. Power down the printer and let it cool off for 30-45 minutes
  2. Remove the ribbons from the printer and put the cartridges back inside
  3. Move the shipping screw on the back of the printer to the “shipping” position on the left
  4. Insert the internal printer packing materials
  5. Use the original box and packing foam
  6. Insure the package for replacement value ($1500-$5000 depending on the model)

We want to help all repair jobs be successful from the start

This process starts with how you, as our customer, ships the machine to us for repair, service or trade-in. The following images will show you some of the questionable packaging techniques used by our customers. We will also give you tips as to what to do to ensure your valuable machine arrives in our warehouse safely.

How NOT to ship your equipment to us

Here is a picture of a bad packing job on a PrismPlus Autoloader that was recently sent into us for repair. Notice how the robotic arm is twisted and dented. This is from lack of support due to poor and inadequate packing materials. Avoid packing peanuts and weak bubble wrap.

How you should package your equipment

Firm and snug-fitting packing foam is the preferred material for shipping. Strong plastic bubble wrap can also be used. Be sure the box has at least 3" of space around the unit for cushioning. Heavier units (40lbs. or more) should be packed in a double walled box. Below shows a proper way to package a thermal printer with original foam support. These types of printers are very heavy and they require heavy-duty, tight-fitting packaging to survive any drops during shipment.

Tips for a successful equipment shipping result:


We charge $195 up front for the clean, test & advise fee for each disc duplicator and/or printer that is sent in for repair. We then contact you with a good faith estimate for the repair charges. If for any reason you choose not to proceed with the repair, we simply charge the $195 fee + shipping and send your system back to you.

Call toll free (800) 295-0083, ask for Mike Pfannenstein.

To get your repair started, visit our repair shop page and fill out the form on the right.