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Crystal Clear HD Blu-ray Disc Mastering

Do you need professional video mastering services for your next Blu-ray or DVD disc project? Do you need a single physical disc authored or mastered out for film festival? Maybe your current vendor doesn't offer the mastering services you need. Whatever your needs, you have come to the right place. We would love to help you master your next CD, DVD and Blu-ray jobs in as little as two days.

Blu-Ray Disc Mastering - Includes one physical BDR or BDXL Disc


25GB - Single Layer Disc

50GB - Dual Layer Disc

Basic $195.00 $265.00
Advanced $250.00 $325.00


4.7GB - Single Layer DVD Disc

8.5GB - Dual Layer DVD Disc

Basic Mastering $65.00 $115.00
Advanced Mastering $180.00 $240.00

*Xbox One currently does not play BD recordable discs - see our blog post for more information.

*Basic Mastering includes downloading, file verification and conversion from digital.

**Advanced Mastering includes downloading, file verification and conversion from digital plus a basic menu with 3-6 buttons and chaptering.

Benefits of choosing us as your blu-ray or DVD mastering vendor

A Blu-ray disc is an optical disc storage medium designed to replace the DVD format. The format is 25 GB per-layer optical disc, with dual layer discs being 50 GB. This is the norm for feature-length video discs and additional layers may be possible later.

Read about 10 simple tips for a stress free blu-ray mastering project.


Media type: High-density optical disc
Encoding: MPEG-2, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, and VC-1
Capacity: 25 GB (single-layer), 50 GB (dual layer), 100/128 GB (BDXL)
Block size: 64 kb ECC
Read mechanism: 405 nm laser: 1× @ 36 Mbit/s (4.5 MByte/s)
Usage: Data storage for 1080p HD video and HD audio stereoscopic 3D

Read Techware's policy regarding the content on your disc or USB master.
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