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HP C1555 DDS3 DAT Tape Drive Repair

HP C1555 DDS-3 DAT Drive RepairOne of our customers just sent in a DDS1 internal DAT drive for repair. We do still get a fair amount of requests for DDS1, DDS2, DDS3 and DDS4 drive repair. This particular DDS1 drive was un-repairable because of excessive head and main board damage. We offered an exchange upgrade to a HP DDS-3 internal drive. The exchange cost $225 and the drive has a 6-month warranty.

The benefit to the customer is that they now have a larger capacity data storage drive that is faster than the old DDS1, but is still in the same product family for compatibility.

How do you get your HP C1555 DDS3 Tape Drive Repair started?

Simply call us at (952) 944-0083 x-15, or toll free 800-295-0083 to get the repair service started. Or you can send us an email via our repair form. We will respond within a few minutes during business hours Monday - Friday. We have a $65 test and advise fee for single tape drives, $125 for tape autoloaders and libraries. The test and advise fee is then applied to the overall repair bill if you choose to proceed with our repair services. If you choose not to go ahead with the repair, the test and advise fee is not refundable. No charge for unrepairable drives.

Contact us at 952.944.0083 x-15 for all of your HP DAT drive repair needs.

Call and ask for Jim: 1-800-295-0083

No charge for unrepairable drives.

We Repair Most Major Brands:

Tape drive brands that we work on include: Dell, HP, IBM, Quantum, Sony, Exabyte, Seagate, Compaq, Sun Microsystems, Overland Data, Cipher, Fujitsu, Breece Hill, Adic, StorageTek, Tanberg, WangDat and many more.

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