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Microboard CD Duplicators

Kevin keeping and eye on a big Dupe Job

How Serious? – How About 35,000 Discs a day!

Nobody knows Microboards CD & DVD printer and duplicators like we do!

We utilize the entire line up in our in house cd printing and disc duplication bureau.  Our technicians skillfully clean and repair Microboard hardware through our in  house CD printer and duplicator repair services department.  Our sales staff is in constant contact with the folks at Microboards.  With this knowledge we can bring our customers the most  up to date, relevant information available anywhere, period.

Rimage Printers and Duplicators at NAB 2011 – Las Vegas

At the NAB show Rimage will demonstrate how to use disc publishing systems to save time and money, and gain a competitive edge. Collegiate organizations currently use Rimage’s automated disc publishing systems to archive practice and game footage as well as distribute video to coaches and players via DVD and Blu-ray Discs. The Rimage disc printers and duplicator solution plugs directly into any video editing platform allowing users to enhance existing work flow and tools instead of spending time and resources on adopting new procedures. When exporting game or practice footage, all the logged meta data carries over to the archive copy for future retrieval needs.

“Collegiate football teams are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to managing sports video”, says Chris Wells, VP of marketing and strategy at Rimage.

“We’re seeing strong interest in this solution from professional teams and many other sports organizations both in the US and in other countries.”

Rimage 8100

Rimage will showcase its Sports Video Archiving and Distribution Solution at NAB in Hall S1, Booth SL5920. Disc publishing experts will present Workflows that Deliver, a series of daily seminars, including a demonstration entitled Sports Video Distribution and Archiving.

The advent of digital video has transformed coaching and training methods. Standalone or portable hard drives do not always stand up to the growing video archive and distribution demands. Rimage’s Sports Video seminar will show how to easily implement automated optical disc publishing to safely and efficiently store and share digital content to players, coaches, and any external audience, all without disruption to your current video work flow.

Chris Luke, Director of Video Operations for football at the University of North Carolina, recently incorporated a Rimage Professional 5400N sports video solution. “We were just putting content on terabyte hard drives or standalone, portable hard drives,” says Luke. “Now I can export footage from my DVSport editing system directly to DVD or Blu-ray Disc, for shelf archive.”

As part of its Workflows that Deliver seminars, Rimage will be presenting disc publishing solutions that fulfill other aspects of video workflow, including video authoring, video on-demand and optical archiving, as well as product demonstrations. All seminars and demonstrations will be hosted daily in NAB Hall S1, Booth SL5920.

Top 6 Ways to Wreck Your Thermal CD, DVD Printer

Here are some bad situations that we have encountered with customers over the years in regards to poor usage of their disc duplicating and printing equipment. Hopefully you can learn from their mistakes.

We are presenting this information in a satirical  format. Please review our correct tips and tricks on care of your CD printer and duplicators.

1. Set up your Rimage Everest 600, III, or II printer in a dust filled location and on the floor. Warehouses and other dusty areas are good places to get dirt and dust build up on the fans, printhead and other electronic sensors, which will lead to premature failures and downtime. Also choose a room that has no environmental control with regards to temperature and humidity levels.


Rimage Announces 2 New Products

Rimage 5400n

Rimage 5400n

Rimage has added two new, exciting and affordable products – the 3400 and 5400n. The 3400 has a 100-disc capacity, 2 CD/DVD burners, and the new Everest 400 printer. Cost on the 3400 is $6995.

The 5400n has the same specifications as the 3400, but has additional features like an embedded PC, front USB 2.0 port, and world class network software. Cost on the 5400n is $12,995.

Our next post will be about latest Rimage offering – the Rimage Evidence Disc System.  It is a specialized hardware and software solution for law enforcement applications.

Primeras announces all new Bravo Pro Xi-Series – Less expensive than before!

The new Xi models are touted as being faster, and more feature packed.

The new printers are the:

*BravoPro Xi AutoPrinter:* 100-disc capacity for print-only applications; US$1995 (MSRP).

*BravoPro Xi Disc Publisher:* 100-disc capacity and _one_ high-speed CD/DVD drive; US$2995 (MSRP).

* BravoPro Xi2 Disc Publisher:* 100-disc capacity and _two_ high-speed CD/DVD drives; US$3295 (MSRP).

You can find out more about the new Xi-Series Disc Publisher at www.primera.com and watch a video of the new features at www.primera.com/bravopro_videos.html

Nice to see Primera step up with faster models, more features all at a lower price point than the models they replaced.

Call us today to learn about the benefits of these all new printers and how we can help your organization save time and resources utilizing Primera disc publishers.