Rimage Everest 600 Printer Face Lift?

It looks like Rimage gave the Everest 600 printer a new paint job (see picture). It appears this is strictly a cosmetic change given that all of the major specifications are exactly the same.

  • Same 60 second print time
  • Same 600dpi print quality
  • Same print modes – photo and graphics
  • Same dimensions and weight – 45lbs – 9.7”x9.5”x23.8”
  • Same USB 2.0 interface and Power requirements – 100 – 120V, 500W or 220 – 240V
  • Same operating and humidity requirements 59 – 86 degrees, 30%-80% non-condensing

The Everest 600 printer has been a real workhouse printer since it was introduced in late 2008. The Rimage E600 is still our top choice for brilliant, eye-catching, thermal on-disc color printing.

Rimage Everest 600 side by side view

The best recommendation I can give is that this Rimage system is our color thermal CD/DVD/Blu-ray printer of choice in our disc production room here at Techware Disc Duplication, Inc. What more can you say? We use what we sell.

I like the “new look” Everest 600, but I like the overall ease of operation, reliability and high-quality print output even more. Same old E600 printer which is a good thing.

Contact us today with any Rimage questions or requirements – mike@techwaredist.com or 1-800-295-0083 x-13.

Rimage Everest 600 & 400 Printer Ribbon Update

Rimage started shipping the new CMY II Ribbon a few months back. The new part number is 2002161 and it replaces the former ribbon part number 2001480 for Everest 400 and Everest 600 printers. The new CMY 2 ribbon is designed to offer broader media compatibility and better optimization for printed colors (mainly better blue and purple color fills).

There are new firmware updates for both the Everest 600 and Everest 400. If your printer is on a Producer (6100n, 7100n, 8100n, 5300n, or 5100n) or Professional system (5400n, 5410n, 3400 & 3410 models). You will also need to install Rimage Producer Software version 8.2 – 8.5 Service Pack 2. This updates color settings for the new CMY II ribbons.

Call Techware (1-800-295-0083 x-13) if you have any questions or need any assistance with your Rimage printer(s) or disc publisher(s).

New Rimage Producer IV Disc Publishers Available

Rimage is set to launch a re-boot of their successful Producer line of CD / DVD / Blu-ray disc duplicating systems. The new version is called the Producer IV series.

Couple of highlights:

  • Integrated Disc Watch Light
  • 100-disc output bin standard on 6200n, 7200n & 8200n (was already standard on 8100n)
  • Front USB port
  • New Prism III printer (more to follow – rumored to lock-out cheaper compatible prism ribbons)
  • New sleek black front door

New Rimage Disc Producers

Call Techware for all of your Rimage needs – 1-800-295-0083. We are happy to discuss the new Producer IV products as well as the 3400/3410, 5400n/5410n and 2000i.

Rimage 5410N – New Professional Series Disc Publisher

Rimage is replacing the popular Professional series 5400n disc Publisher with the updated 5410 model. There are a couple of nice upgrades, but not enough real changes to pitch your couple year old 5400n system. Here is a list of some of the main upgrades: RImage 5400n Disc Publisher

  • DiscWatch status light on the top of the 5410 for visual user feedback
  • New interior lighting
  • Optional 50-disc output bin – costs an extra $395 (should be included in my option)
  • Windows 7 standard
  • Faster core processor – Intel 2nd Generation i3-2120
  • 4mb Ram

Contact Techware for any of your Rimage needs or for more details on the brand new Rimage 5410 Disc Publisher.

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Email – info at techwaredist dot com

Rimage Everest 600 stand alone printers for $3149

For a limited time we are offering this tried and true Everest 600 Printer at a savings of over $1800. The price of $3149 is a value you will not find anywhere else.

Call 1-800-295-0083 for availability.

Rimage Everest 600 Stand Alone Printer

Techware has used, sold, rented and serviced the full line of Rimage printers for over 11 years. Nobody has printed more discs on Rimage equipment, and has more experience with Rimage thermal printers than Techwaredist.com. Take advantage of our knowledge and call us today at 1-800-295-0083, local at 952-944-0083, or email at mike at techwaredist.com.

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New Rimage Everest 600 & Everest 400 Ribbons

Rimage will begin shipping a new version of Everest 600 CMY ribbon and Everest 400 CMY ribbon in mid-April 2012. The new CMY ribbons will provide more accurate color matching and better ribbon adhesion to your thermal CD-r, DVD-r and recordable Blu-ray discs. Current Rimage systems at have the Everest 400 printer: Rimage 5400n & 3400

Rimage systems that may have the Everest 600 printer: Rimage 7100n, 6100n & 8100n as well as Auto-Everest systems featuring the E600 printer. Customers receiving the new Rimage CMY ribbons will be required to install a new service pack.

Techware is here to help, so call us with any questions that you
may have 1-800-295-0083.

Rimage Announces Price Increases on Ribbons, Media Kits, Duplicators & Printers:

Rimage Price Increases – Effective January 1, 2012, Rimage equipment and Everest ribbon consumable prices will increase. The price changes are directly related to cost increases Rimage has incurred from worldwide suppliers (mainly in Japan).

List of the Price Increases:

Producer (7100N and 8100N) Up 4%
Professional (3400 and 5400N) Up 4%
Desktop (2000i) Up 4%
Printers (Prism and Everest 600) Up 4%
Ribbons (Everest II, III, 400 & 600) Up 4 1/2%
Media Kits Up 1%

Customers interested in purchasing new Rimage printers or publishers should act quickly to save!

**Current Rimage programs that end soon.

$2,000 off a  Professional™ 5400N or 3400 System – Through December 16, 2011.

Everest III AutoPrinters for $4,950 through Dec 31, 2011.

Call Techware at 1-800-395-0083 for more details


Rimage Auto-Everest 3 Printers for $4950

That is right. For a limited time Rimage is offering their tried and true Everest III Auto-Printer for $5000 off the MSRP of $9950. The price of $4950 is good while supplies last.

Techware has used, sold, rented and serviced Rimage Auto Everest 3 printers for over 10 years. Nobody has printed more discs on Rimage equipment, and has more experience with Rimage thermal printers than Techwaredist.com. Take advantage of our knowledge.

We are here to help you with all your disc printing, duplicating, replication and packaging needs. Call us today at 1-800-295-0083, local at 952-944-0083, or email at info at techwaredist.com

Rimage 8100n – New Copy Disc Station(TM)

Rimage, the industry-leading provider of on-demand CD / DVD / Blu-ray disc duplicating and printing systems, has recently introduced the Rimage 8100N Disc Copy Station(TM). The new 8100n is designed to copy CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs with the ease of a paper copier. The new 8100N Disc Copy Station follows the release of the smaller Rimage 5400N Disc Copy Station in Q4 2010. The much larger 8100N Disc has the same core capabilities of the 5400N system, but adds more robust capacity for higher production capabilities (300-disc capacity vs. 100-disc). The 8100n also has faster and more robust robotics which increases the amount of CDs and DVDs that can be produced per hour, per day, etc. Rimage 8100n

The version 2.0 release has some new features – bulk copy mode, improved photo and image quality,watermarking, and adjustable angle touch screen. As CD, DVD, and high capacity BD discs continue to replace paper documents, organizations need copies of the original discs for archiving and distribution. How it works differently than a standard Rimage 8100n system? The newer Disc Copy Station(TM) takes a photograph of the artwork label on the top of the original disc, then reads the contents on the original disc, records the exact contents onto a new blank disc and then prints the photo of the original disc artwork on top of the new disc. Of course you can make as many working copies (1 or 5000) of the original as you need, all in one
easy step. This new fully automatic feature eliminates the time consuming needs of locating the disc contents and creating, or handwriting the label onto your disc copies. Fast, easy and professional looking discs.

Key market niches for the 8100n and 5400n copy stations: education, training, video work flows, retail, medical and law enforcement.

Contact Techware Distribution if you have interest in any new, used, or rental Rimage printers or disc duplicators.