Not Happy with Rimage Service and Support?

Here is a quick note our service department received today about a Rimage Producer III 8100 upgrade w/ PrismPlus printer and a Rimage AutoEverest 600 that we fixed yesterday:

“I can’t quit talking about how great your service was, and how great the machines are working now!!!  So glad you came into our lives!!! Thanks for checking in and following up!”

Techware can keep your legacy Rimage equipment running for many years past the date the manufacturer’s support ends. Period.
Give us a try. Start by calling Mike at 952.944.0083 x-13


CMC Magnetics Purchases Taiyo Yuden Technology


Dear Valued Customer,

We are very happy to announce that late last summer CMC Magnetics purchased the technology and manufacturing license for Taiyo Yuden optical media products like CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, and BD-25 disc media.

This past June, JVC/Taiyo Yuden made the announcement that they will be stopping production of all optical disc media products at the end of 2015 and making a complete withdrawal from the market. JVC/TY’s withdrawal left a huge void in the professional media market and CMC quickly seized the opportunity to purchase the technology and fill that void. CMC Magnetics has committed to produce all current JVC SKUs and maintain the unmatched quality and consistency the professional market demands. With the help of the Taiyo Yuden engineers, CMC has built specialized, dedicated production lines using the exact same processes, raw materials and strict quality control measures to ensure the TY CD and DVD media quality is maintained.

Techware Distribution will be distributing the full line of new CMC made products. In an effort to make the conversion to the CMC products as seamless as possible, Techware has purchased a significant amount of the current JVC product (made in Japan) to ensure product is available well into 2016. We understand that there will be some skepticism in the market as to whether or not TY’s quality can be reproduced. Based on our testing and frequent updates from CMC Magnetics, we are extremely confident that the new media will perform to TY’s high standards.

The CMC made products will be branded as “CMC Pro” and all cartons will be labeled “Powered by TY Technology”. Part numbers for the CMC Pro products will be very similar to the existing JVC part numbers. All current JVC part numbers start with “J” and the new SKUs will be exactly the same except they will start with “T”.

JVC SKU:             JCDR-ZZ-SB

This should make the transition much easier than a complete new part number strategy. Product labels will use the same format that is currently being used.

Packaging will also be very similar. CMC will use the same stretch-wrap as the current JVC products, however the cakeboxes used will be slightly different. Cartons will be double-walled corrugated cardboard and will be even more durable than the current JVC cartons.

JVC Disc Production Rumors?


JVC-spindleJVC / Taiyo Yuden announced back in June of this year that they would halt all CD and DVD disc manufacturing by the end of 2015. This was a shock to many users, but not a huge surprise to industry insiders.

Fast forward 3 months and what do we know? Not much other than JVC is set to deliver massive amounts of discs to North American warehouses with the intent of support existing customers well into 2016.

But what is going on behind the scenes?? We can only speculate on industry rumors. Here are some guesses:

  1. Is a competitor negotiating for the rights, patents, IP, formulas for the recoding layers and print surfaces? Could make sense for a manufacturer like CMC, Ritek, Verbatim or MBI.
  2. Does Microboards, largest stocking distributor in the world for JVC discs, have something up their sleeve that will keep the product line going past 2016?
  3. Will a large investor take over operations at the plant in Japan? How about the plant moved to more labor friendly country like China or Taiwan?
  4. Will enough of the last production run make it to the US to satisfy customers?

Your guess is as good as ours. Stay tuned as there will be some clarity soon.

Need help with any CD, DVD, Blu-ray USB thumb drive, SD card or Compact Flash duplication and printing? Let us know. Maybe your vendor has dropped the ball, maybe they are out of business. Either way we are here to help.

Taiyo Yuden To Discontinue Manufacturing of CD / DVD Recordable Media

Tokyo, June 11, 2015 — TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD. (“the Company”) announces that it will discontinue the recording disc media business by the end of 2015. History, details we have uncovered, and a few rumors regarding the future.

Taiyo Yuden (JVC) has been the market leader for optical recording media driven by leading edge products such as CD-R, DVD-R, BD-R etc. and critical market solutions since the development of the CD-R disc in 1988. Taiyo Yuden (TY / JVC) has promoted optical recording media as one of its core businesses ever since. Despite increasingly fierce competition from less expensive overseas manufacturers in China, India and Taiwan, JVC has continued to provide the market with highest quality disc products and has received high acclaim from countless users for offering reliable Japanese made optical recording media.

TY Discontinued copyIndeed TY was the last manufacturer to produce discs in a highly developed country (United States, Japan, UK, Germany, etc) where labor rates and overhead are much higher than on mainland Asia and the India subcontinent. TY follows in the footsteps of Mitsui, Kodak, TDK and many others that had manufactured in the US and Japan, but existed in the early to mid 2000s.

Rumors are that the Taiyo Yuden and JVC brands will exist beyond 2015 with the manufacturing lines, manufacturing techniques and industry “know how” moving to China or Taiwan in some sort of partnership or asset sale. Only time will tell.

What we do know is that the Taiyo Yuden CD-r and DVD-r media will be available in the market place well into 2016. Probably the entire year as large discs distributors have already placed huge orders for product to be manufactured in November/December and delivered here in the US in Jan/Feb 2016. Most likely lasting until the end of 2016.

Let us know if you have any questions or contacts.

Techware Disc Duplication is committed to supplying our customers with high quality CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs that can be counted on for excellent playback and burning compatibility for years to come.

Recordable Blu-ray Discs Not Playable on Xbox One

Did you know that BD-R discs (recordable or duplicated Blu-ray discs) will not function in Microsoft’s Xbox One systems.

This means home movies, or duplicated BD discs can’t be played back on the Xbox one. This has been an issue since the launch of the Xbox One and has yet to be resolved.

As of today, only pressed or replicated Blu-ray discs work on the Xbox One. Replication requires a minimum order of 1000 discs per title and expensive upfront set-up charges – pretty much reserved for Hollywood movies only.


We found a few forums and blogs on the web stating Microsoft is working on this issue and will have a future update to correct this problem. We will continue to monitor this issue.

Sony’s Playstation 4 as well as the majority of Blu-ray players do play recordable Blu-ray media.

Techware distribution will continue to support BD-R duplication as well as offering all customers the option of a dual-disc recording package which features both a Blu-ray and a DVD for maximum playback compatibilities.

Contact Techware for any of your Blu-ray disc duplication needs. We regularly duplicate and professionally print BD-R projects for independent movie directors, studios, Kickstarter/Crowdfunding campaigns, and religious organizations.

Call us today for details – 1-800-294-0083

New MO Disks Are Getting Rare!

Sony is shutting down their magneto optical plant in Japan. And finding nice, new, pristine MO discs is a challenge.

Techware has many 3rd party sources for most of the popular capacities of MO media – 2.3gb r/w, 2.6gb r/w, 4.1gb rewritable, 9.1gb r/w and others. Prices have been on the rise the past 3-4 months – no doubt.

osaka-mo-mr-miyagiHere is an example of some hard to find discs – Osaka brand. Never heard of this brand before. These discs might be from the 90s? Wasn’t Mr. Miyagi from Osaka? Upon inspection these are actually Mitsubishi made discs. Great quality, and made in Japan prior to the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disasters. No radiation….

Proof that Techware is your best source for magneto optical discs. We are working hard to find product for you.

Call us or email us with any of your needs.

10 Tips for a Quick & Successful DVD Duplicator or Printer Repair



  1. Use original manufacturer boxes and inner packaging foam
  2. No peanuts, no newspaper, no confetti, no cereal boxes, etc
  3. If original box is gone, double or triple box your Rimage system
  4. If sending in an external PC, or embedded PC unit – remove password(s)
  5. Get a repair number –
  6. Give a full and honest description of the printer and/or duplicator issue(s)
  7. Send in your Primera, Rimage or Microboards ink or ribbons in a tight, zip-locked bag*
  8. Send in 25+ of your CDs, DVDs or BD discs to better replicate your conditions/issues
  9. Check your email regularly for updates/questions from us regarding your disc equipment
  10. Have questions, Call us – (952) 944-0083 x-13

 *failure to send in ribbons and/or ink will result in an additional charge

Keep these tips in mind and always call or email us with any and all questions.

Survey: CDs & Radio Still Rule in the Car


Car CD PlayerA recent survey by Lpsos North America shows that in the car, Americans prefer radio to CDs or streaming services. The survey showed that in an in-car environment, 84% of Americans use AM/FM radio and 64% still use a CD player, keeping an average of 10.5 CDs in their vehicle. While consumers do seem averse to purchasing new CDs (68% say they have not purchased any new CDs in the last year), only 22% of those who aren’t buying new CDs say it’s because they are replacing the discs with digital streaming services. Most either don’t want any new CDs (27%) or find CDs to be too much money (23%).

Check out our CD, DVD and Blu-ray pricing. You would be surprised how affordable it is.

News Source: Ipsos

Still Running a CD Duplicator or DVD Printer on Windows XP?
No Problem.

Windows XP still works fine with your printer, if you know how to protect yourself.I’m writing this post to address the issue of running a piece of hardware, specifically a Rimage printer or disc publisher, that will not work with newer versions of Windows like 7 or 8. Typically these are printers like the Everest II, Everest III or PrismPlus. Or older embedded systems like 5100n, 5300n, 6100n, 7100n and 8100n.

Of course equipment manufacturers are using the end of XP support as a gold ticket to sell you new, expensive equipment. This can be frustrating and very costly if your current systems are performing just fine as-is.

Here’s how to keep using Windows XP while keeping your PC safe:

  1. Stop using Internet Explorer 8 – switch to the latest Mozilla Firefox or Chrome browser.
  2. Purchase a current Anti-Virus subscription from one of the big players – Most of these companies have guaranteed support through 2016.
  3. Stop using Outlook Express for your email.
  4. Upgrade from Office XP or Office 2003 – neither are supported anymore.
  5. Remove Insecure Software and applications like Java and Flash(if you don’t need any more).
  6. Disconnect the XP PC from your Network if you can. If not make sure your XP PC(s) do not have administrator rights. Only use a limited account for these XP systems.
  7. Run XP on a virtual machine (but, if an application needs direct access to a piece of hardware, it may not work).

Have any questions about running disc duplicators or printers on XP? Contact us at 952-944-0083 x-22. Ask for Kevin.

Packing Your Rimage Prism Auto-Printer Correctly

Poor Everest Autoloader Packing JobHere is a picture of a bad packing job on a PrismPlus Autoloader that was recently sent into us for repair. The sad thing is it was done at a UPS store. Notice how the robotic arm is twisted and dented. Tough lesson learned. I doubt that a damage insurance claim will go in our customer’s favor given the negligence in packing materials used.

Tips for a successful Rimage shipping result:

  1. Use the original Rimage shipping box and foam. Do not throw the box away.
  2. If you do not have the original box, call us to buy the correct packaging. If you don’t have time, start with a double walled box that is large enough for the Rimage unit and inner packing foam.
  3. Use snug fitting inner packing foam – no peanuts, no shredded newspaper or confetti, no thin bubble wrap, etc.
  4. Need help, or have any questions? Call us first before shipping – 952-944-0083

Keep in mind that using any other packaging but the actual Rimage boxes and packing foam is risky.